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Composite resources are a category of resources in Astroneer that are a combination of other elements and resources, natural, refined, gas or even created from multiple other composite resources.

All composite resources are made from two main ingredients with an optional gas. Due to the fact that gasses are something that requires players to explore other planets, it can take a few hours before players have the ability to start crafting these kinds of resources.

All of the advanced structures and machines in Astronneer will require players to use one or more of these resources. Quite often, the effort required to construct these buildings will be more than worth it. The large rover for example is a complete game-changer, even if it does require quite a bit of effort to obtain.

The table below will provide you with a quick index for you to get the resources required for each of the composite resources in the game. Click on any of the elements below to find out more about them along with how to obtain them.

Input 1Input 2GasOutput
AluminiumCoppern/aAluminum Alloy
TungstenCarbonn/aTungsten Carbide
CarbonCarbonSulfurExplosive Powder
TitaniumGrapheneNitrogenTitanium Alloy
Titanium AlloySteelHeliumNanocarbon Alloy
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