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astroneer compound

Compound is the first resource you will need to find when you get started. You need to craft tethers and various other critical items that are used when establishing your base.

Compound looks like silver/grey bubbles that are growing out of the soil. Sort of reminds you of the bubbly chocolate but a different colour. While it does appear above the soil in large amounts, when you find it, digging into the soil below should yield a significant amount in most cases. 

Where To Find Compound

Compound is very common on the starting planet. It will appear in lower amounts on other planets. At this stage, you should be very familiar with mining it. 

You will be able to find this resource quite easily by simply exploring the surface of the planet. You will find large clusters of it above the soil. You can use the terrain tool to dig below the surface to obtain significantly more in most cases. 

What Planets Contain Compound?

Compound is found on all planets in Astroneer. There are a few where the quantity will be a little more limited, but you should always be able to find it. The table below will cover the planets and the rarity of the resource there. 

Planet Rarity
Sylva Very Common
Desolo Common
Glacio Common
Calidor Rare
Atrox Rare
Vesania Common


compound on the ground
Compound looks like batches of gray bubbles.

What is Compound Used For?

Compound is used for crafting a large amount of the early level items and common items for survival. It is most often used by your backpack printer for creating tethers and some other common survival items. The table below will give you a full list of the crafting items that compound is used for. 

Creation Method Input Output Item/Structure
Backpack 1 Compound Small Generator
1 Compound Tether Bundle
1 Compound Small Printer
Small Printer 2 Compound Rover Seat
2 Compound Medium Printer
1 Compound, 1 Aluminium Trailer
Medium Printer 2 Compound, 1 Resin Research Chamber
1 Compound, 2 Resin Smelting Furnace
2 Compound, 1 Aluminium Soil Centrifuge
1 Compound, 1 Tungsten, Iron Trade Platform
2 Compound Large Printer
1 Compound, 2 Plastic Large Rover Seat
1 Compound, 1 Aluminium Buggy
Chemistry Lab 1 Compound, 1 Carbon Plastic
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