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eso character name wiki

Elder Scrolls Online or ESO is the first online MMO RPG from the Elder Scrolls franchise. When creating a new character, you will need to come up with a name that is both unique and accurately fits the character that you are creating. You can do it on your own, but my Elder Scrolls Online Name Generator set can help you get the name ideas you need super easily.

Since there are lots of different races in the Elder Scrolls series, you will need to decide which race you want before getting started. Kajiits for example are a cat-like race and Orcs are a classic green-skinned pig-like warrior race. The names that work well for orcs, often do not work very well for Kajiits. For this reason, it is best you make a decision on the race before you get started.

Character classes are also an important factor to help you decide the name you want. If you are playing as a healer class, it probably means that the race you have chosen has a similar appearance. For example, an Altmer will be tall and haughty with pointy ears. A Breton will have pointy ears and facial structures that look like they are out of a fantasy movie.

There are various factors to take into consideration when coming up with a name idea for your ESO character. For names, you want a name that can be used for both present and future ESO gameplay, it sucks when you end up regretting your decision. You want something that will work well in the ESO universe for other players to see.

There are also many Elder Scrolls online names that are gender-specific for each of the races as well as racially specific. To get started, select the race from the generator menu and you will be able to generate gender-specific names for any of the races that are supported as part of this ESO name generator wiki.

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