South Park: Snow Day Review

South Park: Snow Day
snow day review

In the ever-evolving landscape of video game adaptations of popular TV shows, the latest entry from the South Park franchise, South Park: Snow Day, stands out, though not for reasons one might hope. Departing drastically from its acclaimed predecessors, Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole, Snow Day abandons the cherished 2D, turn-based gameplay for a 3D action format. This transition, however, can only be described as a significant misstep for the series.

At its core, Snow Day seeks to recapture the nostalgic era of N64 South Park games, which were celebrated not for their gameplay quality but for their ability to harness the humor and setting of the iconic show. However, this latest game fails to live up to even this modest aspiration. The primary and perhaps only redeeming feature of Snow Day is its humor, which remains true to the South Park brand. Yet, when stripped of its franchise name, the game presents itself as a forgettable foray into the world of 3D gaming, lacking the charm and quality that fans have come to expect.

The game’s visuals are a particular point of contention. The transition to 3D has not been kind to South Park: Snow Day, with graphics that feel outdated and cheap, a far cry from the polished look of previous titles. This stark decline in visual quality is puzzling, especially considering the success of the franchise’s recent 2D games, which beautifully captured the essence of the show’s animation style. The comparison to other 3D adaptations of animated series, such as The Simpsons games, only further highlights the inadequacies of Snow Day’s presentation.

The gameplay mechanics of Snow Day also leave much to be desired. Combat quickly becomes a monotonous chore, reliant on repetitive button mashing against enemies that act as nothing more than health sponges. The AI companions are frustratingly inept, often finding themselves lost or incapacitated in unreachable locations. Additionally, the game’s attempt at humor through “bullshit cards”, which introduce unpredictable elements to combat, falls flat due to poor balancing. While some cards provide an amusing advantage, the lack of balance means players will quickly find favorites, undermining the potential for strategic diversity.

The allies are dead but they are outside of the map and cant be revived. This was a regular issue.

Repetitive enemy dialogue, overpowered bosses, and a lackluster quest for upgrade materials further contribute to a gaming experience that feels unrewarding and tedious. The game’s insistence on dull tasks, such as breaking open boxes for essential upgrade materials, detracts from any sense of exploration or discovery, turning what could have been an engaging adventure into a grind.

This game just feels so shockingly bad that there has to be a bigger story behind it was even released. How can you go from two of the best games in the South Park franchise to this steaming pile of garbage? How did anyone think that this game was a good idea and not understand what made the previous two games so good?

The premise of Snow Day is quite good and is a perfect follow on from the previous two games. School is closed due to a heavy fall of snow. So the kids decide to create a large real world RPG across the town. You, the new kid must take down all of the kids through epic fantasy battles….that’s the idea anyway, but the combat is so dull that you definitely cant call them epic and can barely even call them battles.

South Park: Snow Day represents a missed opportunity to build upon the success of its predecessors. By diverging from the formula that made the previous games beloved by fans, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges inherent in adapting beloved IPs to different gaming formats. While the humor of South Park remains intact, it is overshadowed by the game’s numerous shortcomings. Snow Day may hold some appeal for die-hard fans of the series, but for those seeking a rewarding gaming experience, it is, regrettably, a venture best skipped.


South Park: Snow Day diverges significantly from its successful predecessors by adopting a 3D action game format, a move that was a massive mistake, largely due to its poor visuals, repetitive gameplay, and lack of innovation. While the game retains the series' trademark humor, it's overshadowed by numerous issues, including monotonous combat and underwhelming exploration tasks. Ultimately, Snow Day is a disappointing entry in the South Park franchise, failing to live up to the high standards set by its 2D turn-based predecessors.
  • Bullshit cards are funny
  • Maintains South Park humor
  • Dull, repetitive combat
  • Repetitive enemy dialogue
  • Overpowered bosses
  • Ineffective AI companions
  • Poorly executed 3D visuals
  • Lack of balance in combat cards
  • Tedious upgrade material collection