What Would WW2 Have Been Like With Robots?

Welcome to a mesmerizing alternate history where advanced robotics and vintage aesthetics come together in the era of World War II. This image gallery presents a series of fictional war scenes from the 1940s, intricately designed with retro-futuristic robots that complement the technology of the time. This unique collection of images takes you on an exhilarating journey through the Second World War, reimagined with a fusion of human ingenuity and mechanical marvels.

The inspiration for this game from the video game Wolfenstein. A series that has reimagined World War 2 where advanced robotics helped Germany succeed in world domination. Since various iconography used during the war is now forbidden in many locations, the images had to remain neutral, to a degree.

Despite the lack of various “logos” and “Icons”, this gallery not only pays tribute to the daring creativity found in the Wolfenstein video games but also invites you to ponder the possibilities and implications of advanced robotics during the Second World War. Immerse yourself in this alternate history where advanced robots were part of the engine of war.


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