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astroneer rubber

Rubber is a composite resource in Astroneer. As far as these resources go, rubber is one of the nicer resources in that it does not require any complicated ingredients that are difficult to obtain. In fact, it requires 2 of the most abundant resources in the game. Considering rubber is used for some of the best items in the game, this is one less hurdle you will have to jump over when it comes to constructing these items.

How Do You Get Rubber?

The crafting recipe for rubber is actually very simple. It will be one of the easier ones. There are a few composite resources that you will hate seeing as you know they are going to require some work to obtain all of the ingredients. Rubber is not one of these!

Input Module Output
1 Organic, 1 Resin Chemistry Lab Rubber

What Can You Craft With Rubber?

Rubber may not have a massive amount of things that it can be used to craft, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable resource. Rovers will really be a big deal when you are able to construct your first one. Since rubber is a key ingredient, you will learn to love it. Here are all of the structures and items that you can craft using rubber in Astroneer.

Module Output Input
Small Printer Winch 1 Rubber, 1 Tungsten
Medium Printer Medium Rober 2 Plastic, 1 Rubber
Recreational Sphere 1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Rubber
Large Printer Large Rover 2 Aluminium Alloy, 2 Rubber
Auto Extractor 1 Tungsten Carbide, 1 Rubber, 2 Steel
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