Submit Video Game For Review

If you are new to this site, you should know that I love playing video games. Quite often I will also review them, which you can see based on the amount of video game reviews I have published on this site already.

If you are responsible for the creation or publication of a game and would like to have it reviewed, please get in touch. To have your video game reviewed, all you need to do is fill in the form below and provide a copy of the game to play.

I only have a limited amount of time to spend writing reviews and I wish I had more. However, I will do my best to review any games requested. Fill in the request form below and detail the game you are looking to have reviewed. Once I get the email I will respond to you and let you know the current situation.

If you are requesting a review for a free to play game, I may be unable to review it. Depending on the nature of the game, the time taken, and required microtransactions in order to play enough of the game to be able to write a review is too much. Please feel free to submit the request anyway, but It may not be possible for me to play it.