Astroneer - Explosive Powder

astroneer explosive powder

Explosive powder is a composite resource in Astroneer. It is a resource that may be overlooked due to it only being used to create TNT and fireworks. The terrain tool with a good drill mod can eat through the hardest of rock with almost no effort and time required which often makes TNT something that isn’t worth the effort. It can be useful in taking out some of those pesky plants that you can’t get close enough to of course.

How Do You Get Explosive Powder?

In order to obtain explosive powder, you will need an atmospheric condenser to capture sulfur from the atmosphere of a plants that has it in a high enough concentration. You will also need a chemistry lab in order to construct the resource itself. The crafting recipe can be found below.

Input Module Output
2 Carbon, 1 Sulfur Chemistry Lab Explosive Powder

What Can You Craft With Explosive Powder?

The explosive powder is used to craft two items in the game. It allows you to create fireworks and also to create Dynamite. If you have used for either of these things, you can find the recipes below.

Module Input Output
Backpack Printer Explosive Powder Dynamite
Explosive Powder Fireworks
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