Deadcraft Crafting Resource Guide

Deadcraft Crafting Resource Guide
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Crafting is a major part of Deadcraft and mastering it will be essential if you want to progress through the story and be able to survive the zombie-filled wasteland. There are lots of different crafting components that you will be able to make use of but finding them all and knowing where to farm them is a different story. This crafting component guide will help you solve all of your crafting and survival problems in Deadcraft.

There will be a section in this guide for each of the main crafting components, helping you to find more and what to do when you find yourself suddenly needing large amounts of any items.

Purchase Skills Under Abilities

Underneath the Abilities section of the skills tree, you will find a series of highly valuable skills that will make the game a much smaller grind. Not only can you make it so that you do not get thirsty as fast but it will also mean that you can get extra items when looting and harvesting various items and supplies in the game. deadcraft resources

Tiers of this skill tree will be locked until you complete certain parts of the main story, so you will need to push forward with the story as fast as you can if you want to get over the initial survival hump that makes this game quite difficult early on.

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In a world ravaged by a deadly virus, half-zombie Reid must survive not only by taking an axe, weedwhacker— anything he can get his hands on—to hordes of the undead, but by growing some zombie followers of his own.Choose your allies and enemies wisely as you try to make it through the apocalypse alive!