Fallout 4 Speed Run Guide

fallout 4 speed run

I have personally put a LOT of hours into this game in an attempt to discover the FASTEST EASIEST route to Platinum, approx 25hrs. There may be odd parts which could be improved upon, due to the sheer size of this game, its difficult to develop a perfect route for every single aspect. Some parts of the guide may initially appear odd, or may cause yourself to question it, but I assure you, everything will make sense at some point throughout the guide!

Just remember, the sole purpose of this Guide is to provide the fastest easiest route to Platinum, so you will ignore a lot of what this game has to offer, but as I mention before, some of you will gain enough pleasure anyway.

This guide has been created with the PS4 version as that is what I own. However, this Guide will apply to the XBOX and PC version also. Because of this, you may have to translate some points yourself i.e; when I mention ‘Trophy’, that would translate to ‘Achievement’ on XBOX or PC etc!

I first created this Guide a few years back, and have only just converted this to HTML. Looking at this guide now with a bit more experience, there are perhaps a few things I would change if done again, but this guide is so detailed (perhaps too detailed), that all I have time to do is improve the format/layout. I have edited some typos along the way that I’ve noticed and edited some parts but I haven’t really made any significant changes to the content. You could view this as HD Remaster rather than a HD Remake!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth, to create such a in depth guide.

If you DO wish to donate anything:

  • Send a GIFT through Paypal to mclarke261@btinternet.com
  • Send an Amazon Gift Card to the above email

You in no way should feel obligated to donate, your support via emails is always appreciated though.

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