Is there any point in building outposts?


Hey, so I’m really into creating outposts, especially with linking cargo and all that. Spent a good bit of time messing around with them. But, I’m starting to wonder… what’s the real benefit of having ‘em? I seem to have more resources than I ever needed (just by exploring and moving through the game) and I can buy the ones I don’t have for crafting. Plus, they don’t seem to be all that valuable for making money. Feels like you could go through the whole game without even bothering with outposts and be totally fine. Wish they offered a bit more, though, ‘cause they are fun, just not rewarding enough, in my opinion. What are your thoughts?

Is there any point in building outposts

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2 Answers

GuacamoleFantastic -

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I mean, I realized pretty quick that you can just get whatever you need from shops in Neon or New Atlantis by refreshing a few times. Way simpler than setting up chains that sometimes don’t even work. And yeah, even the high-end stuff can be bought, and if you invest points in special projects, you can make everything at the workbenches, skipping the fabricators altogether. Sure, selling materials isn’t bad money, but spamming a mission board seems to get more in less time.

savageeye -

I wouldn’t say they’re entirely pointless. It’s just a part of the game you can enjoy if you like it, or skip if it’s not your thing. Bethesda makes sandbox games, so not everything is gonna have a big purpose. It’s about having fun your way. I mean, there are some quests requiring a high amount of resources, but besides that, it’s usually easier to go for specific resources than build up logistics for them. And having a home on any planet is kinda nice, finding that perfect spot to settle. Here’s hoping they’ll become more crucial with a survival mode update or something.

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