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astroneer graphene

Graphine is a composite resource in Astroneer. It is one of the first resources you will come across that has a complicated crafting process. Not only are you required to have a chemistry lab but you will need to craft this using Hydrazine, which is a composite resource itself. This will require you to put in quite a bit of effort just to obtain a single pierce of graphene.

Graphene is also a key ingredient in some of the more advanced composite resources in the game. This resource is something you will need to craft quite a bit in this game, whether you need to build any of the items below or not.

How Do You Get Graphene?

In order to obtain a piece of Graphene, you will need to create a chemistry lab. The ingredients that are used as part of the graphene recipe will take a bit of work to obtain. Graphite is found on the starting planet, but it is quite difficult to find and will require a lot of searching before you come across some.

Hydrazine is the part that is going to have you in a jam. It is a composite resource itself and it will require you to use gas in order to craft it. The table below will show you how to create graphene. Click into any of the ingredients to find out more about how to obtain them.

1 Graphite, 1 HydrazineChemistry LabGraphene

What Can You Craft With Graphene?

Graphene is only used for constructing 2 items in the game. Some people may have no use for these. The catch is that graphene is a crafting ingredient for creating titanium alloy and diamond, two things you will need at some stage. Creating graphene is something you will likely have to do at some stage or other. The table below gives you the full list of items you can create using this resource.

Small Printer1 Silicone, 1 GrapheneField Shelter
Large Printer1 Copper, 1 Glass, 1 Plastic, 1 GrapheneSolar Array
Chemistry Lab2 GrapheneDiamond
1 Titanium, 1 Graphene, 1 NitrogenTitanium Alloy
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