Understanding and Storing Large Marbles or LRDs

Understanding and Storing Large Marbles or LRDs

In the vast universe of Astroneer, you will come across numerous items, devices, and artifacts that pique your curiosity. One such artifact is the Large Marble, also known as a Liminal Recondite Device (LRD). This guide aims to provide comprehensive information on what these items are, their purpose, and the best strategies for storing them.

1. Understanding Large Marbles or Liminal Recondite Devices

The LRD, often called the “Large Marble,” is a gigantic marble-like object found scattered randomly across the different planets. They come in three colors: Leo (green), Zebra (black and white stripes), and Checker (black and white checkered pattern).

Unlike many other articles, LRDs do not serve a specific practical purpose in the game. They are essentially Easter Eggs, the discoveries of which can make for a fun and exciting diversion during your Astroneer explorations.

2. Handling and Storing Large Marbles

Large Marbles cannot be packaged, but they can be picked up and moved manually. Their unusual size can make these artifacts cumbersome to handle, as they occupy more space than standard items. Here are some suggestions on how to store and manage these unique objects:

Storing at Your Base

If you’ve decided to display your LRD collection at your base, consider creating a dedicated storage area or designated “museum” for showcasing. You can:

  • Arrange them on the ground, either in a straight line or in any pattern you prefer.
  • Place them on platforms, using the available 2-slot connectors. This may require several platforms to accommodate your entire collection.

Transporting Large Marbles

While transporting LRDs from one place to another, you can opt for the following options:

  • Carry them manually: Although not the most efficient method, this option is viable for short distances. Keep in mind that doing so depletes your oxygen supply, making it a potentially risky endeavor.
  • Attach them to your vehicle: Large Marbles can be tethered to any vehicle with available 2-slot connectors. A good choice is the Large Rover, as it offers ample space and a sturdy frame, making it a practical solution for transporting multiple LRDs. You can daisy-chain multiple vehicles together for even more storage.

Create Custom Storage Solutions

The unique shape and size of LRDs can inspire creativity in the way you store and display them. Consider constructing structures with your terrain tool or using terrain anchors to create dedicated storage spaces for your marble collection.

In conclusion, Large Marbles or Limal Recondite Devices, while not essential to gameplay, offer an added layer of enjoyment by collecting and showcasing their mesmerizing designs. Although their storage and transportation may require a bit more effort than standard items, this challenge can ultimately lead to creative and engaging gameplay experiences in the diverse world of Astroneer.

Understanding and Storing Large Marbles or LRDs In Astroneer

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