Alan Wake 2 Official Soundtrack Hints At First DLC

alan wake 2 dlc

Ever since the release of Alan Wake 2 about two months ago, the pulse-pounding tunes from the Old Gods of Asgard and the eye-catching dance-off at the Game Awards have kept many of us captivated. However, an audibly distinct beat stands out amidst the game’s official soundtrack, a song that might hint at the future journey of Alan Wake 2’s much-anticipated DLC.

Tucked within the game’s official soundtrack is a little gem known as “Night Springs” by Keira. Its carefree, disco rhythm and catchy hook provide a stark contrast to the rest of the eerie soundtrack, setting it apart in more ways than one. As one of the game’s chapter songs, its conspicuous absence from the finished game ignites the mystery about its role… why would a track specifically written about the game and included in the official soundtrack, not be used in the game?

alan wake 2 dlcFor those unfamiliar, Night Springs is the fictional town that features in the eponymous TV show prominently housed within the Alan Wake universe. Resembling a homage to the classic, The Twilight Zone, this in-game show is a treasure trove of paranormal, spine-chilling tales told with equal parts suspense and drama. Now, it’s time we delve a little deeper into the lyrics of our unused song, laying out a probable blueprint for the first DLC of Alan Wake 2.

Why There May Be Alan Wake 2 DLC Set In Night Springs

Beginning with “Space invader/ Looking cute in a human suit,” we see signs of an alien presence, possibly indicating a new nemesis or a twist in the plot. The lines “Secret agents/ With the down-down wrist and shoes,” suggest that Alan Wake could form alliances, introducing a social dynamic to the gameplay. We are familiar with Federal Bureau of Control and their place within the universe of paranormal activities. This makes the perfect connection, especially when they are also featured in Alan Wake 2.

Psycho killers, psychic powers, and hypnotic eyes, are all peculiar elements that hint at an enhancement of the supernatural themes prevalent in the original game. Moreover, the words, “All your nightmares come true,” accompanied by “we’re all in danger” suggest a dangerous paranormal attack that introduces a range of new enemies, not based on the balance of dark and light that the core game has focussed on.

An intriguing lyric, “Endless versions of this town,” may imply alternate realities or different versions of Night Springs, opening avenues for a multi-dimensional gameplay that would be a play a little on what we have already experienced. While we have not seen a direct crossover of the typewriter from the core game in the events of Night Springs, you could make the connection here. The endless versions of the story in Alan Wake 2 changed as Alan rewrites the plot, which could potentially be a link here too.

To decipher further, “Lost in mist for days and days / Now you see the sign, it says Night Springs”, could signify the players battling against time manipulation, a key element in previous iterations of the game, now embodied in an entirely new setting. This also links in with the idea of “endless versions of the town”. Caught in an “endless time loop”, revisiting the town over and over trying to overcome the dark events that have taken over.

And so, the catchy tune of Night Springs, yet unfrequented in the game, may be a strong hint towards the looming reality of the Alan Wake 2 DLC – a potential exploration of the mysterious fictional town. As we await for some official announcements, we may continue to hum along with Keira’s groovy beat, unwinding layers of enigma within the lyrics, and preparing ourselves for a potentially thrilling visit to Night Springs.

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