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Despite what the naming convention may imply, the Xbox One is not actually the first Xbox gaming console. It is, in fact, the third. The XB1 is the follow up to the Xbox 360. Many of the features that made the Xbox 360 great have been completely overhauled or improved making the Xbox One a very worthy successor.

The Xbox One did not have a solid launch when compared to Sony. While everything was good from a hardware and software point of view, the system required users to always have their Kinnect connected and turned on, a privacy concern for many. It also prevented users from sharing game discs which proved to be a highly controversial decision. One which Sony capitalized upon to great success.

While Microsoft failed to reach the same level of sales that the PS4 has, they have opted for a business model focused more on the gamer rather than the games. This has seen cross-platform multiplayer with Nintendo and PC with some limited cased on Ps4.

The biggest win for gaming in general and for the Xbox One has come from the backward compatibility program. A program that allows you to use discs from the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 in the XB1 to play games from previous generations. It is a feature that Sony do not and likely can not have. The program has proved to be a huge success and has been very popular within the gaming community.

Below you will find a collection of posts, pages, guides and other content related to the XB1 and the video games released for it.

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