Astroneer - Plastic

astroneer plastic

Plastic is a composite resource In Astroneer. For most players, the yellow resin you spot growing out of the ground will appear to be plastic. Weirdly enough, it is not an ingredient that is used when creating plastic in this game.

How Do You Get Plastic?

Plastic is often mistaken for resin at the start of the game. The large yellow tubes do look a lot like plastic. In its gathered form, the unit of plastic is actually the exact same as resin, just white instead of yellow. You will need to craft plastic at a chemistry lab if you need it for crafting. The recipe requires compound and carbon.

1 Compound, 1 CarbonChemistry LabPlastic

What Can You Craft With Plastic?

Plastic is used for crafting several of the more advanced structures and items. Considering how much we depend on plastic in real life, it is surprising to see that it is not a key component in pretty much everything in this game. Probably a good thing since it isn’t something you can access in the early stages of the game.

Backpack Printer1 PlasticHolographic Figurine
Smaller Printer1 Plastic, 1 GlassMedium Soil Canister
1 Plastic, 1 GlassMedium Resource Canister
Medium Printer1 Aluminium Alloy, 2 PlasticLarge T-Platform
2 Plastic, 1 CompoundLarge Rover Seat
1 Plastic, 1 Glass, 1 IronAtmospheric Condenser
2 Plastic, 1 RubberMedium Rover
Large Printer2 Silicone, 2 PlasticSolar Array
1 Copper, 1 Glass, 1 Plastic, 1 GrapheneExtra Large Storage
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