If Bioshocks Rapture Was A Level From Doom

rapture in doom

Rapture remains one of the most captivating and unique locations in all of video game history. Very little can stand up to the incredible atmosphere it generates. Rapture had no shortage of its own dark themes and events. Severe body mutilation is just another day in Rapture.

When it comes to another mega-franchise such as Doom. The setting is always a more modern, spaced inspired theme. That’s of course when you are not exploring the depths of Hell.

Since Rapture is not a location we would ever see in Doom but it is an incredible location all the same, I decided to take it upon myself to imagine what a cross-over such as this might actually look like. Here are the results!

What Would The City Of Rapture Look Like?


What Would The Enemies Look Like?

I have already gone into some detail on what a Big Daddy might look like here. This is a more general gallery of some characters and enemies.

What About The Gameplay?

Doom is known for being a fast paced game. Bioshock is much slower. Using some blending, here are some ideas of what the gameplay could look like.

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