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Sometimes it is hard to wonder how anyone survived back in the day before game guides were a thing on the internet. We are fortunate now that anyone can easily write up a tutorial and publish it online to help us all out. Especially those of us who can never seem to find that last collectable. The collection below contains all of the video game guides that have been submitted to the site.

If you have a game guide that you would like to submit to the site and share with others, I would be happy to publish it to the site. Fill in this form to submit a game guide and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Happy gaming!


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Vice City Hidden Package Location Guide

There are 100 hidden packages to collect throughout Vice City. Generally, they are quite easy to find, but some of them can be quite tricky. This guide will show you where to find all 100 hidden packages in Grand Theft...
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How To Cure A Zombie Villager

When you are at a NPC village you may, at some stage, come across a zombie that looks like a villager. They look like normal zombies, but with a green villager head. It is actually possible to cure a zombie...
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Use Large World Map Size with Classic Minecraft Seeds

If you are playing the console edition on the newer systems you may come across a well documented Minecraft seed that you want to use. If that seed was used on the PlayStation 3 or any of the legacy console...
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Minecraft Seed Cross Compatibility Guide

When you first dive into the world of Minecraft world seeds, you might be a little confused. There are lots of metrics to understand and lots of issues that can pop up that might prevent the seed from working for...
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How To Get Dinraals Scale

If you have reached the Spring of Power in Breath of the Wild, you will likely be wondering who the hell is Dinraal and how do i get his scale? Well chances are you have already spotted him and not...
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Hero of the Wild Armor Set

The Hero of the Wild armor set is the iconic look that we have seen Link wear in almost every Legend of Zelda game in the past. For those unfamiliar with the past games, this is the green hat and...
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Dark Armor Set

The Dark armor set is an armor set that will give Link a speed increase during the night. The items in the set do not offer any individual enchantments and the defense is moderate with all 3 pieces combined giving...
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Rubber Armor Set

I find the Rubber Armor set to be a really, really useful armor set. You will quickly discover that Link is a total pussy when it comes to electricity. Chu Chus are pretty lame enemies, but when you see an...
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Radiant Armor Set

The Radiant Armor set is a bit like the Gerudo Vai armor set in that it has a more specific use, but unlike that set, the Radiant armor set has decent base defense so it can be used outside of...
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Barbarian Armor Set

The Barbarian Armor set is a valuable armor set to have if you need to go on an all out offensive attack with little care for defense. If you can kick ass fast enough, who needs defense! Just like the...