Astroneer - Diamond

astroneer diamond

Diamond is a composite resource in Astroneer. Diamond is a resource that is unsurprisingly used in the crafting of the final tier of drill bits. This a common use for diamond in the real world. It is one of the most complex items to craft in the game due to the requirement of several other composite resources that are used to create the various elements along the way.

How Do You Get Diamond?

Despite diamond being something that naturally forms in real life, it is not a natural resource that you will be able to suck up using your terrain tool. You will need to use the crafting recipe below in order to create it.

Input Module Output
2 Graphene Chemistry Lab Diamond

What Can You Craft With Diamond?

Diamond is not used in the construction of any buildings in Astroneer. It is only used for the creation of the final tier of drill bits. The table below will give you the recipes for creating these.

Module Input Output
Backpack Printer 1 Diamond Drill Mod 3
Small Printer 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Diamond Drill Strength 3
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