Astroneer - Titanium Alloy

astroneer titanium alloy

Titanium Allow is a composite resource in Astroneer. This is one of those resources that will put you in a bit of a huff. You have gone to the effort of hunting down titanium and smelted only to find that you need to put in more effort to turn it into an alloy where you can make better use of it. To make matters worse, the ingredients in this recipe will require you to put in some more effort just to obtain them too. It’s all worth it though, the large shuttle is a lifesaver.

How Do You Get Titanium Alloy?

In order to obtain Titanium Allow you will need to travel to a planet that contains titanium. Once you have it you will be able to craft it in a chemistry lab using Graphene and nitrogen.

1 Titanium, 1 Nitrogen, 1 GrapheneChemistry LabTitanium Alloy

What Can You Craft With Titanium Alloy?

The table below will give you a list of all of the items that you can create using titanium alloy including all of the crafting recipes for them.

Backpack Printer1 Titanium AlloyHydrazine Jet Pack
Small Printer1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Tungsten CarbideDrill Strength 2
1 Titanium Alloy, 1 DiamondDrill Strength 3
Large Printer2 Titanium Alloy, 2 CeramicLarge Shuttle
Chemistry Lab1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Steel, 1 HeliumNanocarbon Alloy
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