Astroneer - Explosive Powder

astroneer explosive powder

Explosive powder is a composite resource in Astroneer. It is a resource that may be overlooked due to it only being used to create TNT and fireworks. The terrain tool with a good drill mod can eat through the hardest of rock with almost no effort and time required which often makes TNT something that isn’t worth the effort. It can be useful in taking out some of those pesky plants that you can’t get close enough to of course.

How Do You Get Explosive Powder?

In order to obtain explosive powder, you will need an atmospheric condenser to capture sulfur from the atmosphere of a planet that has it in a high enough concentration. You will also need a chemistry lab in order to construct the resource itself. The crafting recipe can be found below. For those in need of large amounts of explosive powder, there is an awesome video guide below that will show you how to create a farm that will produce a large amount of explosive powder very easily. You will need to have progressed further in the game before being able to take advantage of this, however.

2 Carbon, 1 SulfurChemistry LabExplosive Powder


What Can You Craft With Explosive Powder?

The explosive powder is used to craft two items in the game. It allows you to create fireworks and also to create Dynamite. Both of these items are more of a fun pleasure to make use of when you just want to experiment a bit. Dynamite can be useful and mostly fun to use but there are faster ways to achieve the same results. Fireworks are nothing but some cosmetic fun! If you have use for either of these things, you can find the recipes below.

Backpack PrinterExplosive PowderDynamite
Explosive PowderFireworks


What Does Explosive Powder Look Like

Explosive powder looks like a red version of ammonium. You will not be able to find it naturally however as it is a resource that you must craft in order to use it. To craft it, you will need to combine carbon and sulfur in a chemistry lab. If you want to get this stuff, you need to keep an eye out for these materials instead.

how to create explosive powder
Carbon is one of the two unique ingredients needed to craft explosive powder in a chemistry lab. You will need two of these which you can obtain from burning organic material in a furnace.
Astroneer where to find explosive powder
Sulfur is the second ingredient that you need and as a gas, you will not only have to progress further in the game to find it but also need to travel to the planet that has it. You will need to build an atmospheric condenser on Calidor or Atrox in order to obtain it.


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