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Lead author and owner of Nerdburglars. Been playing video games since i was around 5 and have never put a controller down since. Zelda has remained one of my favourite franchises since first playing it on the NES.


Where To Find and Kill Scout Striders?
[Helldivers 2] - Learn what Scout Striders are in Helldivers 2, how to identify them, and tips for effectively taking them down to complete your objective. View Answer
Where is the safe in coffee world?
[Alan Wake II] - How do I get the key from the safe at coffee world in Alan wake 2? View Answer
Cash In on Ripened Flint Quest?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - Has anyone given flint to the goron for the cash in on ripened flint quest in tears of the kingdom? Does it result in any rupees? View Answer
Is There Any Point in helping The Guy Holding The Sign?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - What is the point in the guy who is holding up the signs all the time? The rewards are not great, is there any reason to keep doing them? View Answer
How Do You Connect the Gears In the Wind Temple?
[The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] - how am i meant to link up the moving gears to the gears not moving to unlock the door in the wind temple? View Answer
Is There anywhere inside Hogwarts To Sell Items?
[Hogwarts Legacy] - Is there anywhere within Hogwarts castle that I can use to sell unwanted pieces of gear and other unwanted items instead of having to go to Hogsmeade? View Answer
Can't Find Fifth Flying Book In Library
[Hogwarts Legacy] - I can't find the final book flying around the library, anyone know where the missing one is? View Answer
How do you earn points in Rift Crucible?
[Destiny 2] - How are you supposed to earn points in the Rift crucible game mode in Destiny 2? View Answer
Bounty for grenade launcher not progressing?
[Destiny 2] - Progression toward the grenade launcher weapon bounty is not moving past 0% even though I have been getting grenade launcher kills View Answer
Impossible to win after buying support tower?
[M.A.C.E. Tower Defense] - After purchasing the support tower upgrade, I'm no longer able to win in levels in mace tower defense View Answer
Can you learn to swim?
[Pokémon Legends: Arceus] - Is it possible to learn how to swim in this game so you don't end up drowning every time you fall into water that doesn't have a shallow way to get out? View Answer
How do you blow out the birthday cake?
[Kill It With Fire] - How do you blow out the candle on the birthday cake in the canteen? View Answer


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Will The Illuminati Come Through The Wormhole?

The latest major order in Helldivers 2 had players inject a large quantity of this mysterious "Dark Fluid" into the core of the planet Meridia. This planed contained the largest super colony of Termanids. Destroying it was said to put...
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im frend Tweet From PlayStation Not Met With Love

Gaming News
The recent uproar over the requirement to link PSN to Helldivers 2 on PC has not gone down well and after quite a lot of uproar from the community...and a massive review bomb on the game over on steam. They...
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Awesome new Helldivers 2 Song, The TCS Failed!

Following the face melting riffs of High Command Needs Me, my love for Helldivers and the power metal vibes that blend so well with it, I have decided to keep the train going. This time, another power metal tune with...
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Zombies, Aliens & Guns Review

Zombies, Aliens & Guns offers a vibrant and accessible entry point for young or novice gamers into the world of video games. With its easy-to-grasp mechanics and bright, colorful art style, the game serves as a cheerful, if not overly...
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New Song Inspired by Helldivers Automatons Rocks the Charts

After setting the bar fairly high, probably too high, with high command needs me, I decided to have another crack at creating a song inspired by a video game. I stuck with Helldivers 2 since it is the game I...
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High Command Needs Me - Original Song

The past few weeks of my gaming life have been entirely overcome with Helldivers 2. The game is the breath of fresh air that has been missing for such a long time. Having been a part of the struggle to...
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Is The Last Of Us 2 Remastered Worth The Dev Resources

In the world of gaming, few titles have resonated with audiences as profoundly as Naughty Dog's The Last of Us franchise. Both the first and the second instalments of the series have recently been remastered for the PlayStation 5 (PS5),...
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Why Didn't Ilkka Villi Voice the Character Alan Wake

The character of Alan Wake from the popular video game franchise of the same name carries a certain duality, specifically in the delineation between his visual and auditory portrayals. This division is facilitated by two artists - while the character...
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The Annoyance Being Locked Out Of Past Areas In A Game

Video game completionists and trophy hunters are nothing if not thorough, right? We live for the thrill of collection and completion, the joy of uncovering every hidden secret our virtual worlds have to offer. But what happens when we’re forced...
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Bioshock Themed Timer

Speedrun Timers
Welcome to the BioShock-themed timer, designed to enhance your game experience during speedruns or escape room adventures! Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of Rapture or Columbia by bringing the essence of BioShock to your challenges. Speedrun Timer Whether you're...


Will The Illuminati Come Through The Wormhole?

Will The Illuminati Come Through The Wormhole?

The latest major order in Helldivers 2 had players inject a large quantity of this mysterious "Dark Fluid" into the core of the planet Meridia.…


Legend of Zelda Speedrun Timer

Legend of Zelda Speedrun Timer

The Legend of Zelda, a franchise established by Nintendo in 1986, is one of the most beloved and enduring series in video game history. Filled…


Helldivers 2 Game Wiki

Helldivers 2 Game Wiki

Helldivers 2 for PC and PS5 is a thrilling co-op third-person shooter (TPP) and the sequel to the original Helldivers game from 2015. Developed by…

Fallout 4 Game Wiki

Starfield Game Wiki


Maono Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Bundle

Maono Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Bundle

Maono have spent the past few years doing an incredible job at providing affordable streaming equipment that still delivers quality sound. The Maono PD100X &…

South Park: Snow Day

Rise Of The Ronin

Helldivers 2

One More Dungeon 2


If The Legend of Zelda Were A Cyberpunk Game

If The Legend of Zelda Were A Cyberpunk Game

Welcome to the wondrous and technologically-advanced world of Hyrule, revamped as you've never seen before. With the recent release of Tears of the Kingdom, this…