Astroneer - Nanocarbon Alloy

astroneer nanocarbon alloy

Nanocarbon alloy is a composite resource in Astroneer. This one is the big daddy of crafting in this game. It requires 3 ingredients, all of which require a good bit of resources and effort to craft in the first place. It is also used to craft one of the most essential items in the game, the RTG. You will not need huge amounts of this resource but even for the small amounts that you do need, you are going to have to put in some time and effort.

Where To Find Nanocarbon Alloy?

In order to obtain nanocarbon alloy, you are going to have to have a bit of time to spare if you are planning on crafting it from scratch. It needs steel and titanium alloy as the core ingredients. Both of these composite resources require some work to obtain. On top of this, you will also need some helium which puts a requirement on an atmospheric condenser being built on a planet that contains the gas in the atmosphere. Once you have everything, you can craft it in a chemistry lab using the crafting recipe below.

1 Steel, 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 HeliumChemistry LabNanocarbon Alloy


What Can You Craft With Nanocarbon Alloy?

Nanocarbon Alloy can be used to create some of the most useful items in the game. A portable oxygenator will allow you to travel without the need for a tether to give you oxygen…just make sure you don’t get lost. The big one for this resource is the RTG. The name doesn’t give you much of a clue as to what it does. It is essentially a power source that requires no fuel. Once it is built, you will get a steady stream of power whether it is day or night, windy or not. It is super useful for the large rover to free up space that you normally need to dedicate to batteries and power generation items. The table below will give you a list of all of the items you can craft using Nanocarbon alloy along with the recipes for them.

Backpack Printer1 Nanocarbon AlloyPortable Oxygenator
Small Printer1 Nanocarbon Alloy, 1 LithiumRTG
Medium Printer1 Glass, 1 Titanium, 1 Nanocarbon AlloyLarge Resource Canister


What Does Nanocarbon Alloy Look Like

Nanocarbon alloy looks like a block of gold cylinders stacked up on top of each other to create a flower-like pattern. Since it is not a natural resource, you will not find it out on a planet. This is the most complex item to craft in the game as it not only has 3 ingredients but one of these is also a composite resource that requires work to refine on its own.

where to find aluminium alloy
Helium is a gas that is one of the ingredients required to produce aluminium alloy. This can only be found on Atrox. You will need to obtain this before you can craft this composite resource.
how to craft nanocarbon alloy
This resource is unusual in that one of the ingredients is also a composite resource. You will need to craft Titanium alloy and then use is as a component to construct nanocarbon alloy.
astroneer how to craft nanocarbon alloy
The final ingredient is still which is a refined resource that you will need to craft in a furnace before you can use it as an ingredient in the crafting of this alloy resource.
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