Finding Your Previous Landing Location on a Planet

Finding Your Previous Landing Location on a Planet

In Astroneer, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to return to an unmarked base or landing site on a planet you’ve previously visited. To assist you in finding your way back, this guide outlines various tips and strategies for identifying your previous landing spot.

Step 1: Identify Distinct Landmarks

Before leaving a planet, take note of the unique visible landmarks surrounding your base. This information will help you to pinpoint your location upon returning.

  • Natural Landmarks: Prominent hills, mountains, or distinctive flora close to your base.
  • Terrain Structures: Custom or accidental terrain structures like ramps, tunnels, or bridges made by you or other players during previous visits.

Step 2: Track Your Landing Zone

When leaving a planet, remember the landing zone where your shuttle was initially parked. A combination of these factors can help you recognize the landing zone:

  • Proximity to Landmarks: The location of your landing zone relative to the landmarks you identified in Step 1.
  • Landing Zone Shape: The shape and color of the landing icon can provide visual clues for selecting the correct landing place later.

Step 3: Consider Building Navigation Aids

For future visits, consider setting up navigation aids, such as beacons or large objects, to make your base more identifiable from orbit.

  • Beacons: Beacons can be crafted using a single Quartz and placed around your base to emit a colored beam visible from orbit.
  • Large Objects: By building or positioning large, noticeable structures near your base, you can use them as visual markers when searching for your landing location.
  • Field Shelter: Field shelters are useful to provide some power and oxygen as well as a save point. On top of this, you will be able to see from orbit the marker on the planet to show where the field shelter is located, helping you find the place to land.

Step 4: Plot Your Coordinates

Before leaving a planet, you can record your approximate latitude and longitude using the in-game Astropedia or various third-party tools that allow coordinate tracking. These coordinates can guide you upon your return.

Step 5: Carefully Survey Planet’s Surface from Orbit

When you return to the planet, slowly orbit it while scoping the landing spots. Look for visual cues, be it beacons, large objects, or exciting landmarks.

  • Zooming In: Zoom in on landing zones to get a closer, clearer view of the surface.
  • Multiple Passes: Orbit the planet several times, if needed, carefully examining each landing zone for familiar features.

By combining these strategies, you significantly increase your chances of pinpointing your previous landing location, allowing you to reunite with your base and resume your planetary adventures quickly.

Astroneer Landing Location on a Planet

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