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The Nintendo Switch is the first hybrid gaming device, that it is both a handheld gaming device and a home gaming console. Simply inserting the Switch hardware into the docking station will instantly display the game on any HDMI TV making it one of the more unique game consoles on offer. 

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If you are stuck with a hardware bug or need to get some help relating to this platform, you will find some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Nintendo Switch below.

Does the Nintendo Switch support achievements like the Xbox and the Playstation have on the network accounts View Answer


For those thinking of doing something they are unsure about, maybe a repair for an out of warranty product. Here are some useful hardware guides related to the Nintendo Switch.

Faking Amiibos Using An Android Phone

Faking Amiibos Using An Android Phone

Amiibo's are plastic figures based on games released for Nintendo consoles. These highly collectable figures also contain a little chip in the base of each…


The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening Box Art

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was a game that was originally released for the Game Boy back in 1993. Back then, the franchise was starting to hit a much larger audience but still had not been propelled to its full potential. Something that would later be triggered with the release of the Ocarina of Time for the N64. Link’s Awakening was given the HD remake treatment when it was…
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Box Art

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

Breath of the Wild was the much anticipated Zelda game for the Wii U. Due to the massive failure of the system, the game was delayed and was released for the Wii U and as a launch game for the Nintendo Switch. The game played a huge part in catapulting the Nintendo Switch to becoming an instant success and has become one of the biggest games ever released in the…


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Strike The Gemstones Pointing in Four Directions Guide

In the ancient cistern you will come across a puzzle where you have a lock with four parts you must strike in a certain order to unlock it. Beside the door, you will be presented with the following riddle. So...
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How to Easily Capture Bugs using the Bug Net

When I first got the bug net, I found it prefltty frustrating. Many bugs, once startled will run away and you will have a few seconds to catch them before they are gone. If you don't know the trick for...

How do you learn the spin move under water?

How do you learn the underwater spin move while swimming in Skyward sword?

How do I pick up the fallen windmill part at Elden volcano?

How do you collect the missing windmill piece to turn the fan in Skyloft. It is at Elden volcano

How do I get a one time password to login?

How do you get a one time password to login to final fantasy xiv online?

How do you activate the light tower after turning the windmills?

How do you activate the light tower in Skyloft after directing both windmills at it?
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How to Get the Bug Net

There are quite a few bugs roaming around the land in Skyward Sword. You have probably jilled a few and wondered if there is some kind of special purpose for them. Well there is, you can catch them and put...

Where can I find Gondo?

Where do I find Gondo for the quest to find the windmill part using the junk robot?

How to get electrical egg across to generator in Lanayru Mine?

How do you get the electrical egg across the gap in the final generator room in Lanayru desert in Skyward Sword?

Can't reach other side of moving sand in Lanayru Mine

How to get to the other side of the cave in Lanayru mine without running out if stamina