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astroneer aluminium

Aluminium is a refined resource in Astroneer that is crafted from Laterite. You will find this metal quite early in the game and it is used for the creation of various vehicles and lightweight machines.

How Do You Get Aluminium / Aluminum?

Hands up if you have ever heard of Laterite before this? Me neither! It is actually a real thing though. In order to get Aluminium in Astroneer, you will need to find some caves below the surface of the planet in order to find some Laterite. If you smelt the laterite in a furnace, you will end up with a block of Aluminium.

Smelting Furnace1 Laterite1 Aluminium


What is Aluminium Used For?

Aluminium is used in the construction of vehicles and other lightweight structures and machines. Depending on how you play, this might be a metal that you need a lot of or need hardly any of. When the time comes to start using it, you will find there is more than enough laterite to satisfy your construction needs.

Creation MethodInputOutput Item/Structure
Small Printer1 Ceramic, 1 AluminiumOxygenator
1 Tungsten, 1 AluminiumMedium Generator
2 AluminiumTractor
1 Compound, 1 AluminiumTrailer
1 Ammonium, 1 AluminiumSolid-Fuel Thruster
1 Aluminium, 1 GraphiteAuto Arm
Medium Printer2 Compound, 1 AluminiumSoil Centrifuge
2 Ceramic, 1 AluminiumLanding Pad
1 Compound, 1 AluminiumBuggy
Large Printer2 AluminiumSmall Shuttle
Chemistry Lab1 Aluminium, 1 CopperAluminium Alloy


What Does Aluminum Look Like?

If you are hoping to come across Aluminum, you are not going to find it. Knowing what it looks like will not help. You will need to look out for the natural resource that is refined to create aluminium. To do this, you will need to locate a resource called laterite. This is refined to create Aluminum.

What Does Aluminum Look Like
Since it is not possible to find Aluminium naturally on a planet unless you find it in a ruined structure. Aluminium is found as Laterite and you can see what it looks like in the image above.
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