Video Game Name Generators

Coming up with a new username for an account is always tricky. Back in the early days of PSN, a bad username was a life sentence. Most of us pick a name for our user profile and use it across many sites across the internet. Great for those who have been able to come up with something good in the first place. For those having trouble thinking of a cool and creative username, this collection of random generators is here to help

In the list below you will find a collection of video game name generators. These are tool that will come up with a random name that you can use for naming your in game characters across many video games or for coming up with a profile name for a user account online. All tools work the same. A button on the page will generate a cool random value for you based off a large seed database of words and content specific to the game or topic. If anyone has some suggestions for some new topics or games, let me know and I will get one created

clan name generator

Clan Name Generator

Get some awesome name ideas that you can use for your video game clans and teams.
Elder Scrolls Character Name Generator

Elder Scrolls Name Generator

Generate lots of random character names for all of the different races in the Elder Scrolls franchise.
Demon Name Generator

Demon Name Generator

Generate some evil ass sounding names for demons and monsters.
Xbox Gamertag Generator

Gamertag Generator

Generate lots of cool gamertag ideas you can use for your online profiles.


Pharaoh Name Generator

Pharaohs were like the kings of ancient Egypt. They possessed immense wealth and had an incredible amount of power. Signs of this can be seen from the decoration of their tombs and the treasures they were buried with. Let's not...

Samurai Name Generator

Samurai warriors are common in stories based around ancient Japan. These were the highly trained that earned the same respect that knights would in medieval cultures in western countries. The Japanese language may not be something most people are familiar...

Egyptian Name Generator

Egypt is home to one of the oldest cultures in the world. Many of us know of the stories of ancient pharaohs and the great pyramids. Modern-day Egypt is a much different country, of course. Building pyramids in today's economy...

Ice Dragon Name Generator

The vast majority of fantasy settings will show off fire breathing dragons. For universes that stick to the logic that dragons are creatures of magic, the fire they breath doesn't need to make sense, since its magic. This brings us...

Fire Dragon Name Generator

Dragons are large flying lizards that often appear in fantasy settings. The traditional dragon that we see in the medieval setting would be one that can breathe fire. As people have gotten more creative with their writing, we have seen...

Dragon Name Generator

Dragons are one of the most formidable beasts in the fantasy world. Flying lizards with the ability to breathe fire, when you also consider they are 30 ft tall, you don’t wanna get on the wrong side of a dragon....

Futuristic Dystopian Name Generator

As technology begins to seamlessly blend itself into the fabric of our daily lives, we should discover that life gets easier? With an aggressive capitalist society, greed and wealth hoarding goes unchecked and over time the society becomes a hell....

Funny Name Generator

Funny names are hard to come up with for everyone. Some people find one thing very funny and someone else might find it rude and offensive. This funny name generator will give you lots of really funny and dirty name...

Futuristic Hero Name Generator

A good story should have a hero of some kind. Be it a regular person who stands up against an insurmountable foe or the more traditional superhero who was born to be this way. This tool is a futuristic hero...

High Elf Name Generator

High Elves are a sub-race of the fantasy elf. They differ from other elf races based on their heightened interest in magic. This page contains a high elf name generator which will generate lots of name ideas you can use...


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