Promote A Kickstarter Game

I think everyone will agree that Reddit is probably the best place to get your Kickstarter game off the ground. One viral post and your funding can be found overnight. The problem is that “going viral” is not something that can be controlled and Reddit mods can be…less than friendly when it comes to self promotion. More often than not, posts never go beyond the 1 upvote that you generously awarded to yourself upon submission.

If you are struggling to find places to try and promote your kickstarter campaign and you are actually reading this post on my website, then you have found a place to share it! If you are looking for some press coverage and need some help spreading the word, then get in touch.

I have always wanted to create a game myself. I just never seem to get around to the steps that come after installing Unity. One of these years!

If you want to write a press release to promote your kickstarter game, I will be more than happy to publish it on the website and social media pages for you, free of charge. I can’t say I know the secret to building successful kickstarter campaigns, but I will help spread the word. Having spent the last few years building and promoting this site alone, I know what it feels like to be stuck for places to go.

Fill in the form below and if everything looks good, I will publish the content right away and let you know once it is done.

If you are looking to have your game promoted but do not have a kickstarter campaign, I will be glad to help. Head over to this page to promote your video game.