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astroneer iron

Iron is a refined resource in Astroneer. It might be a common resource on earth and one of the first metals you get in Minecraft. In Astroneer, you will need to do quite a bit of travelling through the stars before you are able to start making use of it.

How Do You Get Iron?

Iron is created by smelting hematite. This is a resource that you can only find on Novus and Glacio. This means you will not be able to build anything with it for some time. Those nice printer recipes you are looking at will have to wait.

Once you have some Hematite, you will be able to get Iron by adding the ore to the furnace.

Structure Input Output
Smelting Furnace 1 Hematite 1 Iron


What Is Iron Used For?

Iron is used for crafting a lot of late-game structures and items. Early in the game, all of these structures will be really attractive. Unfortunately, you will have to travel through the stars to other planets before you can start making use of iron.

The table below contains a full list of structures and items that you can create using Iron.


Creation Method Input Output Item/Structure
Small Printer 2 Iron Medium Shredder
Medium Printer 1 Plastic, 1 Glass, 1 Iron Atmosphere Condenser
1 Tungsten Carbide, 2 Iron Large Shredder
1 Resin, 1 Ceramic, 1 Iron Large Platform C
1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Ceramic, 1 Iron Large Curved Platform
1 Iron, 1 Tungsten, 1 Compound Trade Platform
Large Printer 2 Iron, 2 Ceramic Extra Large Platform A
4 Iron Extra Large Platform B
2 Iron, 2 Resin Extra Large Platform C
4 Iron Figurine Platform
Chemistry Lab 1 Carbon, 1 Argon, 1 Iron Steel


What Does Iron Look Like

Iron is a refined resource which means that it is not possible to find it on a planet naturally. It may be found in some ruins but generally, you are going to have to craft it. A crafted block of Iron is a red color with dark spots on it. If you are looking to craft it, you will need to look out for the natural resource that creates it. To do this, you will need to find a material called Hematite.

what does iron look like
Iron in Astroneer is a red color with dark spots. To craft it, you will need to find the natural resource called Hematite. This can be put into a furnace to create the refined resource.
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