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PlayStation 3 Slim Power Consumption

The original Phat PS3 was an absolute tank in many ways. Power consumption was one of them. The thing produced more heat than an actual heater. The PS3 slim was launched with a better design that fixed the Phat systems...
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Xbox One S Power Consumption

The Xbox One S was the first major revision of the Xbox One console and came with a lot of changes. Apart from the fact that it was considerably smaller, It was also a lot more energy efficient. In fact,...
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PSVR Power Consumption

Today I decided to measure the PSVR power consumption level. Since it has it's own power supply, I had wondered what the wattage was and how much power it would add onto the already high amount of power the PS4...
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How To Set A System As Your Primary PS4

Most people might not know or care about what it means to have a primary PS4, but it can be really important. Each PSN account can have 1 single PS4 console set as the primary system. When you download games...
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How To Setup PS4 Remote Play On PC

In the latest firmware update (3.50), Sony have added the ability for you to access the Playstation 4's remote play feature through a PC. This means you can now access the same remote play that the Vita and Playstation TV...
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How To Record Gameplay On The PS4

The Playstation 4 has a built in game recorder. With its default settings the PS4 will automatically record the last 15 minutes of gameplay. This often results in people accidentally recording a 15 minute clip when they only wanted the...
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How To Use PS4 Boost Mode

Boost mode is a feature that was introduced for the PS4 Pro exclusively. The feature will attempt to use the enhanced processing power that the PS4 Pro has to improve the quality of all PS4 games, even if they were...
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How To Eject A Disc With The PlayStation 4

There are 2 different ways in which you can eject a disc from the Playstation 4. The first and most obvious way is to press the eject button on the front of the console. The location may vary depending on...
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PS4 Error CE-30774-1 Causes & Solution

The Playstation 4 error code CE-30774-1 is a system error that is caused due to a failure to update the system firmware when using a USB stick. This error appears to be specific to the update process via a USB...
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PS4 Error E-8200013A Cause

Yay, everyone's favorite error message! The PS4 error E-8200013A means that the Playstation network is offline. This isn't anything to do with you, so you are stuck with no other option, but to wait for the network to come back...


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