Why No Fallout Shelter For Vita?

fallout shelter for vita

Sony have not been the biggest fan of the Vita over the past few years. The shunned successor to the PSP, is dead in the eyes of its creator for quite some time. Despite how Sony feel about the device, games are still being released for the Vita and there is still a community. With the announcement of Fallout Shelter for the PlayStation 4, it came as a bit of a surprise that Fallout Shelter for Vita is not a thing.

To get slightly technical for a moment, the architecture the Vita uses is fairly standard. Porting games to the Vita is not a massive challenge. When you consider the fact that Fallout Shelter is available on iOS and Android, they have already worked out the touch aspects of the game and with it being on PS4, they have worked out any PlayStation specific challenges.

It is fair to say the Vita is no longer in its prime, but It still feels odd that it has been excluded. The Vita is a touch screen device that is built for gaming. A game that was built for touch screen devices seems like a perfect candidate!

I played a LOT of this game on my phone when it first came out and I played it on the Xbox One too. The game is still fun, but it does not translate very well to a game controller.

Fallout Shelter is a game that was designed for you to check on it every hour or so. Spend some time doing quests and daily maintenance and then go about your day. Doing this on consoles is tricky. You cant just run this game in the background and check on it every now and then. To check on your vault, you need to close the current game you are playing and load this one up. You also need to be at home with your console or at least have access to remote play with the PS4, which ironically, is best done via the Vita.

I will still enjoy playing this game on the PS4, but it just seems like a waste not releasing this on the Vita. It would be far better suited to this platform. Being able to take it on the go and check on your fault for a few minutes here and there without any major disruptions.

It seems highly unlikely it will happen, but we can only hope. Just another kick for the Vita while it is already down!


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