How To Safely Store Video Game Boxes In An Outdoor Shed

storing game discs in the shed

Outdoor sheds, remnants of rustic homestyle, have quietly transitioned to multi-utility storage spaces in the modern household. These structures can hold an aura of nostalgia while protecting your cherished collection of video game boxes. But given the external weather fluctuations, is it even feasible to store video game boxes for the long term in an outdoor shed? It certainly is, provided you follow a few key guidelines. This article highlights ways to effectively shield your beloved amassment from factors like heat, cold, dampness, and more using passive protection techniques.

Most outdoor sheds are devoid of the cosiness provided by indoor rooms. We cannot control the external environment, yet smartly using passive protection techniques can make your shed a safe keep for your game boxes.

1. Successful Storage Begins with Suitable Containers

Whether we admit it or not, the boxes carrying our precious video games often contribute equally to the nostalgia game-play invokes. So it’s only fair for the boxes to receive equal attention when it comes to protection. Invest in rigid plastic containers with a secure lid to store your game boxes. These containers can effectively bar moisture and pests, two common enemies in an outdoor shed.

2. Give Your Game Boxes A Layered Protection

The more, the merrier – this rule applies aptly when it comes to protecting from potential damage. Wrap your game boxes in acid-free paper before placing them into the plastic containers. This process creates an extra barrier against heat, moisture, and pests.

3. Maintain A Clean And Tidy Storage Environment

With an outdoor shed, cleanliness and orderliness become mandatory. Pests are attracted to clutter and dirt, making a clean and well-arranged shed less inviting to them. Regular cleaning and tidying up also reduce unexpected damage risks, such as falling objects or water leaks.

Mastering Passive Controls Against Weather Extremes

Unpredictable weather patterns might pose a significant challenge, but here’s how we can combat them:

games in the shed

1. Keep Boxes Away from Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is detrimental to video game boxes. Continuous exposure can fade graphics and degrade the integrity of the box. Always store your game boxes in a dark, cool area of the shed that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

2. Keep Them High and Dry

Storing boxes directly on your shed’s floor is a gamble. Shift the boxes off the ground to avoid accidental water damage from floor dampness or rain seepage.

3. Keep Changing Temperatures in Check

Ensure your game boxes are stored in the coolest and steadiest part of the shed, which is usually the centre, well away from walls which can transmit external heat or cold.

4. Be Vigilant About Humidity

To keep your game boxes dry, consider adding packets of silica gel inside the storage containers. The silica gel will act as a dehumidifier, absorbing any moisture that might sneak into the box.

Extra Façade for the Dedicated Gamer

For those willing to invest a little more for their passion, a portable, rechargeable dehumidifier can add an extra layer of protection for your video game collection. A rechargeable dehumidifier works without the need for a continuous power supply and can provide security against dampness, mould, and pests.

In essence, protecting your video game boxes in an outdoor shed hinges on three main aspects: a meticulously clean and ordered shed, suitable storage containers and packing, and vigilance over the changes in temperature and humidity. With a few well-placed safeguards, your outdoor shed can transform into a seasoned repository for your gaming keepsakes!

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