How To Safely Store Video Game Discs In The Attic

store video game discs in the attic

Video game arcades of the past might have been digitised into nanometers of memory space, but physical game discs continue to hold a special place in the hearts of gamers around the world. All of us are guilty of a little nostalgic indulgence, but the challenge often lies in preserving these valuable hard copies, especially in unforgiving spaces like an attic. Exposed to harsh temperatures, swings in humidity, and other potential hazards, how does one protect these treasured items? This article aims to equip you with passive protection methods, providing solutions that work best in less-than-ideal attic conditions.

Most homes have under-utilised attic spaces, making them an apparent storage option. With a little bit of resourcefulness, these areas can turn out to be a decent storage site for your game disc collections, even though they may lack electricity, windows, and sophisticated climate control systems. The key lies in prepping and packing your inventory the right way.

Storing In An Attic With Exposed Rafters And Insulation Wool

Your attic may differ from a purpose-built climate-controlled storage room, but don’t worry; here are few pointers to ensure maximum protection for your game discs in such circumstances:

1. Use Correct Storage Containers: A general rule of thumb while storing any item in the attic is to avoid cardboard containers. Pest attacks, moisture, and temperature variations can rapidly degrade cardboard. Opt instead for plastic storage containers with tight-fitting lids. Look for clear plastic containers, so it becomes simple to identify what’s inside without having to open every box and expose your collection to potential harm.

2. Double Packet Your Game Discs:Add an extra layer of protection to your discs by keeping each within its original case, enveloped in a layer of acid-free paper, and then setting it into a plastic disc sleeve.

3. Isolate From Direct External Conditions: If your attic has exposed rafters and insulation wool, make sure the boxes don’t touch these surfaces directly. Elevating storage containers a few inches off the attic floor enables air to circulate around the boxes and discourages mould growth.

4. Embrace Silica Gel Packs: Silica gel packs can be your biggest ally in maintaining optimal humidity levels. Sprinkle some of these within your plastic containers to absorb moisture. Remember to replace them periodically based on your local climate conditions.

Battling the Elements

A typical attic endures cold, damp winters and hot summers, often posing a hostile environment to our precious game discs. Here’s how you can combat this:

1. Avoid Temperature Fluctuation: Stable temperature is critical for preserving discs. Try storing them closer to the floor, where it tends to be cooler. During extreme temperature fluctuations, consider temporary storage alternatives.

2. Foil the Humidity: Too much moisture in the air might ruin the game discs. The previous point of using silica gel packs can help significantly in this regard, offering a passive yet effective solution.

Going the Extra Mile

safe video game storage in the attic

If conditions allow it and you are willing to go the extra mile for your favourite pastime, you can consider investing in a dehumidifier. This is a more active solution and can be invaluable in maintaining the right humidity levels for your treasures.

While your attic may not have electricity, portable, rechargeable dehumidifiers are available on the market and can work for up to a month on a single charge. Having a few of these in your attic space is like having a watchful guardian looking after your game disc collection.

In conclusion, the careful storage of video game discs in the attic boils down to selecting the right storage containers, packing correctly, isolating them from direct contact with exposed rafters or insulation wool, and managing temperature as well as humidity variations. With a little innovation and precaution, every attic, regardless of its state, can make a safe fortress for your precious gaming past!

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