If Bethesda Made a Lord Of The Rings Game

Bethesda made a Lord of The Rings Game

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls Series are some of the best games ever, but we think that Bethesda should make something a bit different for their next game. What would it be like it Bethesda made a Lord of the Rings game?

Lord of the Rings: New Dawn

Lord Of The Rings – New Dawn Cover

Why Lord of the Rings?

If you have been hiding under a rock for the last 60 years and have missed the one of the greatest fantasy books ever writing and three of the biggest grossing movies of all time let give a quick explanation of why Lord of the rings is awesome. Lord of the rings written by J.R.R Tolkien is fantasy story set in the world of middle-earth the same world as the new hobbit movies being released at the moment. The story is all pretty typical stuff, you have an evil overlord that is threatening the world and a group of heroes that set out to stop him by getting into awesome battles and destroying his jewellery. But the main reason lord of the rings is great is not the main storyline (which is still pretty awesome) but the lore of the world. The world of the lord of the rings is so fleshed out that sometimes you feel like you reliving history, every race has detailed history spanning hundreds of years, everything has meaning and this is why so many other games have been set in middle-earth, there is a huge variety of back story and content to work with. Simply put Lord of the rings is one of the greatest fantasy worlds ever created.

Why Bethesda?

Skyrim Dragon

When it comes to crafting huge open world RPGs no other developer is as good as Bethesda, they create living, breathing worlds filled with their own lore and history and allow the player to explore and discover their worlds at their own pace. Bethesda are the master of emergent gameplay which leads to some of the best parts of their games being random or unscripted. It’s this type of experience that players love about Bethesda’s games, being dropped into a world, picking a direction, and not knowing what you will find is why people love their games. So why not give Bethesda another world to play with one with tons of backstory, fleshed out characters and huge fan base.

What would the game be like ?

in game
Lord Of The Rings In Game

I’ve been thinking about this game for a while and worked out how it could work in terms of setting. In my opinion I think it would be best suited for the game to take place after the events of the movie. This way the bad guy is defeated, but there would be still some threat from stragglers or enemy forces that got away after the final battle and it frees up Bethesda to create new stories in the same world. Obliviously the game couldn’t take place in the entirety of middle-earth since the map is pretty huge, so I would argue for a scaled down version of the map with shorter distances between major landmarks essentially a best of Middle earth type map. If that isn’t enough here are some quick fire reasons this game would be awesome :

  • A killer soundtrack –  the lord of the rings series has one of the best fantasy soundtracks ever and would be perfect for exploring and fighting.
  • Tons of factions and races – there is so many different races and factions in the lore of lord of the rings that you would already have a pre built characters and enemy types.
  • Playable Movie missions – the main problem with setting a game after the events of the main material is that you don’t get to experience the major event of the story, but you could relive those events in the form of stories told by characters that were at the battles (i.e. experience the battle of minas tirith from the perspective of a retired gondorian guard)
  • Party System –  create your own fellowship with a customization companions which level up along with you.
  • More physical combat –  Lord of the rings has magic but it is never in your face about it so there will need to be more of a focus on the melee side of things.
  • Warg Mounts !!! – I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense for a hobbit to be riding a warg but god dammit i want it
  • Next Gen – make the most of the opportunity and make the biggest open world with the huge amounts of detail
  • An Awesome Map – The lord of the rings already map !

Could it happen ?

lord of the rings map
Lord Of The Rings Map

There is a chance but I would say it is slim, the rights for lord of the rings games have been stuck at warner brothers for the last 4 years and since they are currently making their own game Lord of the rings shadow of mordor I guess they wouldn’t like someone else developing another game an overshadowing theirs and since Bethesda publish their own games they wouldn’t work with another publish. Sorry guys I think this one will remain a dream game.


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