The Monster Cans In Death Stranding Are Ridiculous

Sponsorships and product placement are fairly common these days and for the most part, it isnt a big deal. If Ford want to pay money to have their vehicles used in a movie, who cares? If Sony way to use their technology in movies they produce, who cares? This kind of product placement doesn’t cause any harm because it fits the setting. A TV is a TV, the brand makes no difference. The cans of monster in Death Stranding are a much different story, what the hell is with them?

Speaking from a business side of things, it is a bit shitty that people pay $60 for a game to have advertisements shoved down their throats. If the bikes in the game were Honda branded or something, you could deal with it because it makes sense, but Monster?

The first thing that bugs me is that not only is Monster in this game, but there is some kind of suggestion that it is good for you. Monster is like some magical elixir that will give you a boost. Surely with the technology they have, they would have a more advanced way of giving you a boost then having to neck a can of Monster.

Sam Drinking a can of Monster energy drink
Sam Drinking a can of Monster energy drink

The product placement not making sense is one part of the issue, the second is the logical side of it. How the hell did Monster survive the Death Stranding? The world is at its knees. Resources and supply lines are non existent. We know this because porters are the only remaining method of delivering packages.

Are we really meant to believe that not only did Monster survive the Death Stranding but they somehow managed to maintain an independent supply like and can somehow have fresh cans of their product delivered to every knot city in the game?

It isn’t significant enough to ruin the game, but it’s a pretty big sellout. It is frustrating to see those cans there on multiple levels. “Fuck the lore and story of this game, Monster are paying us a fat stack of money, lets do what they want”. I’m sure in the next update for the game, Sam will be collecting dildos from the Amazon Warehouse.

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