Unlimited lunchbox glitch for PS4

This glitch is likely to have a short shelf life but I have gotten it to work many times and has not yet been patched. This method will allow you to get unlimited free lunch boxes in fallout shelter.

  1. Start up the game and enter the vault for which you want to get the lunch boxes.
  2. Press the PS button and go to the time/date settings and manually set the date to 1 day in the future.
  3. Go back to the game and you will have gotten tomorrow’s daily bonus. The final bonus is a lunch box.
  4. Jumping forward 7 days at a time works but it seems to make things glitchy. Going one day at a time has not glitched for me.

You can repeat this over and over. It will also get you lots of other bonuses like quests and rooms completing faster

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