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Astroneer Lithium

With the modern world of technology, we all know that lithium is the material that goes into making batteries better. At least for the next few years until Elon Musk creates something better. Lithium is also used for the production of batteries in Astroneer. Unfortunately for us, it is not available on the starting planet. You will have to scavenge for batteries in the early days.

Lithium is one of the more unusual natural resources in the game when it comes to its appearance. It shows up as a strange curly kind of tube that grows in little batches. It is not too uncommon on the planets that it appears on. It is one of the few natural resources in the game that is not refined into something else before it is used for crafting.

Where To Find Lithium

Lithium can only be found in the caves on Vesania and in the mountains of Novus. It will appear as a red/orange coloured curly tube that grows out of the ground. It sort of looks like a mangled rib cage.

Since this is a planet specific resource, it is not possible to obtain this resource using a soil centrifuge.

Structure Input Output
Trade Platform 4 Scrap 1 Lithium

What Planets Contain Lithium?

Lithium can only be found on Vesania and Novus. It is fairly common on these planets but since they are not accessible until you have progressed further into the game, you will not be able to kick off any serious battery production until much later in the game. The table below will list the different planets of the game and give you the rarity of the resource on each one.

Planet Rarity
Sylva Not Found
Desolo Not Found
Glacio Not Found
Calidor Not Found
Atrox Not Found
Vesania Common (In caves)
Novus Common (In Mountains)

What Does Lithium Look Like?

Lithium looks like rib cage bones all mixed up together. The color is a mix of red that blends into a yellow colour.

lithium below the ground
Lithium can be found below the surface of the planet. Does real lithium look like this? Who knows, but this is what it looks like in Astroneer

Lithium can also appear on hills and is much harder to spot as it can look a lot like plants that grow here.

lithium on the surface
Lithium looks more like a plant here. You will need a sharper eye to spot this

What is Lithium Used For?

Lithium is used in the production of power storage and generation items in Astroneer. Since wind and solar are the main sources of renewable energy, players will struggle with power when the sun is gone and the wind is not blowing. Items crafted from Lithium will solve both of these problems? The table below will contain a full list of all structures and items that can be crafted using just this resource or a combination of others.

Creation Method Input Output Item/Structure
Backpack Printer 1 Lithium Small Battery
Small Printer 1 Lithium, 1 Zinc Medium Battery
1 Nanocarbon Alloy, 1 Lithium RTG
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