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Astroneer graphite

Graphite is an uncommon resource in Astroneer. It can be found on all planets and is quite rare on them all. It is often found when you are searching for malachite for crafting copper. The material is a dark gray/black colour. When harvested it will be stored in batches that have sharp-looking spines.

Where To Find Graphite

Graphite is a fairly uncommon resource. It can be found in rocky, mountainous areas. The higher the better. Most people will come across this when out looking for Malachite. It is quite rare though. Most people will opt for the soil centrifuge to get it as you only need to have 2 canisters of soil in order to create 2 graphite. This is much faster than going out searching for it.

While graphite does appear on all planets and some planets are better than others, the best place to find graphite is actually by using soil canisters with the centrifuge. This is something you should be able to unlock early on. The table below will show you some alternative ways to obtain graphite.

Soil Centrifuge2 Full Soil Canisters2 Graphite
Trade Platform1 Scrap2 Graphite


What Planets Contain Graphite?

Graphite can be found in fairly small amounts on all planets. As mentioned above, it is much better to use the centrifuge to get more graphite. There is no best planet to use for this when it is so easy to get it using the centrifuge. The table below will list the different planets of the game and give you the rarity of the resource on each one.


What is Graphite Used For?

Graphite is not used for too many common items in the game. When you need it, you will likely struggle to find it, which is why it is best to just extract it from soil. The table below will contain a full list of all structures and items that can be crafted using just this resource or a combination of others.

Creation MethodInputOutput Item/Structure
Backpack Printer1 GraphitePackager
Small Printer1 Copper, 1 GraphiteSplitter
1 Aluminium, 1 GraphiteAuto Arm
Chemistry Lab1 Graphite, 1 HydrazineGraphene


What Does Graphite Look Like

Graphite is a pretty cool looking resource and will probably the first resource you find that uses this spikey model. You can find this in quite a few different locations. You are more than likely going to spot this dark coal-like vein growing on the surface of rocks.

where to find graphite
Graphite can be found growing on rocky mountain areas and on rocks below the surface. It looks like coal or even like the lead that you will find inside a pencil. It grows in large spikes
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