Maono Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Bundle Review

Maono Maonocaster G1 NEO & PD100X Bundle
G1 NEO & PD100X

Maono have spent the past few years doing an incredible job at providing affordable streaming equipment that still delivers quality sound. The Maono PD100X & G1 NEO bundle is a stellar choice that is without a doubt the best product they have released to date. For game streamers and content creators, offering a comprehensive solution that merges aesthetic appeal with high functionality, this bundle is a no brainer!

PD100X Microphone

The PD100X is an impressive upgrade from previous Maono microphones. The audio quality is crisp and clear with options to use it as a USB mic or connect it to a desk via the XLR output. Its super easy to use with a single knob that can be clicked in to toggle between microphone volume and headset volume.

This mic comes with one of the best quality-of-life improvements over other models where we now have LED indicator that displays volume and mic levels. This feature is incredibly convenient when switching between the mic and headset, allowing for quick adjustments at a glance without disrupting your stream. While this may be less critical when using the mic in XLR mode, it’s still a highly beneficial addition that previous models lacked.

When we look at the cosmetic elements, the standout feature is the vibrant RGB rainbow effect that illuminates the entire microphone, making it a visually striking addition to any setup. Whether mounted on a boom arm or its included stand, the PD100X looks fantastic. All Maono mics in the past have had some form of RGB lighting but this mic really does take it to the next level. You find yourself getting lost in the glow if you look at it too long.


G1 NEO Mixing Desk

The G1 NEO mini mixing desk is perfect for streamers starting out, providing essential features without requiring a large investment. Mixing desks are not rocket science but when you have multiple channels and lots of features, it can be overkill if nothing else. The G1 Neo is the perfect compromise in giving you every feature that you could ask for as a streamer without complicating things.

The G1 NEO offers separate channels for controlling your mic, headphones, and Bluetooth input. It includes controls for effects such as reverb, voice changing, and noise reduction, all of which work excellently. The four programmable sound buttons are a fun addition, allowing you to add comical or dramatic sounds to your stream. The RGB effect on the G1 NEO complements the PD100X, adding a cohesive and colorful aesthetic to your gaming setup.

Despite its compact size, the G1 NEO is powerful, providing 48V phantom power to XLR microphones, ensuring they perform at their best.

g1 neo

Overall Bundle Value

This bundle represents great value for money, making it an ideal choice for new streamers who might be unsure about what equipment they need. The PD100X & G1 NEO kit includes everything necessary to start streaming at a high level, all in one affordable package. As with all Maono products, the build quality is sturdy and feels premium.

  • Top-Notch Audio: The built-in Pro-preamp and 48V phantom power maximize XLR microphone potential, ensuring superior audio for streams with precise gain and volume control.
  • Ease of Use: One-click mic and music mute functions, two-level noise reduction, and Bluetooth input make streaming simple and effective.
  • Custom Sound Effects: Voice change features and custom sound pads provide fun and engagement for audiences.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Dual-mode connectivity with USB and XLR, compatible with Maono software for advanced audio processing and EQ adjustments.
  • RGB Lighting: Eleven RGB color variations add flair and immersion to your gaming and streaming experience.

The Maono PD100X & G1 NEO bundle is a comprehensive, affordable, and visually appealing solution for streamers. It provides high-quality audio, essential controls, and customizable effects, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their streaming setup.

You can purchase the bundle from the Maono website or purchase the G1 NEO and the PD100X separately on Amazon.


Maono has consistently provided affordable, high-quality streaming equipment, and their PD100X & G1 NEO bundle is their best release yet, offering a comprehensive solution that combines aesthetic appeal with high functionality. The PD100X microphone stands out with its crisp audio quality, dual USB/XLR connectivity, and a convenient LED indicator for volume levels, alongside a stunning RGB rainbow effect. The G1 NEO mini mixing desk is perfect for beginners, offering essential features like separate channel controls, reverb, voice changing, noise reduction, and programmable sound buttons, all in a compact design with 48V phantom power for XLR mics. This bundle is an excellent value, making it an ideal choice for new streamers needing a complete, premium-feeling package without a high price tag.
  • Crisp, clear audio quality
  • Dual connectivity (USB/XLR)
  • Convenient LED volume/mic level indicator
  • Vibrant RGB rainbow effect
  • Easy-to-use single knob control
  • Essential features for beginners
  • Separate channel controls (mic, headphones, Bluetooth)
  • Effective reverb, voice changing, and noise reduction
  • Four programmable sound buttons
  • Compact yet powerful with 48V phantom power
  • Cohesive RGB lighting with PD100X
  • May not suit advanced users needing more complex features