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astroneer astronium

Bet you are wondering what this resource is all about? Astronium is actually found on all planets in Astroneer but it is very rare. You will need to dig deep into the ground, getting close to the planet’s core in order to be able to find any of it.

At the moment, there is currently no use for Astronium in crafting. It is only useful when it comes to researching for bytes.

Where To Find Astronium

Astronium is found at the core of all planets in the game. It is a very strange looking resource in its raw form. It almost looks like a glitch. It sort of looks like proteins that you see in those science books. The colours are pretty wacky with there being bits of green, blue and magenta on the nodes that have not been harvested.

In order to find Astronium, you will need to dig deep below the planet’s surface. It can only be found near the planet’s core and even then, it is quite a rare find.

Even though it is found on all planets, its rarity means that it is not currently something that can be traded or created in a centrifuge.

What Planets Contain Astronium?

Astronium is found in every planet in the game. You just need to dig very deep to find it, which might make it something you have not yet come across. The table below will list the different planets of the game and give you the rarity of the resource on each one.

Planet Rarity
Sylva Rare
Desolo Rare
Glacio Rare
Calidor Rare
Atrox Rare
Vesania Rare
Novus Rare


What is Astronium Used For?

Astronium currently has no use in crafting. It is possible to add it to a research chamber to earn 1000 bytes. Since there are many other ways to obtain bytes quite easily, it is recommended you hold onto any astronium you find for the moment as it will likely become something that is quite useful for late game crafting in future patches.

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