Will The Illuminati Come Through The Wormhole?

The latest major order in Helldivers 2 had players inject a large quantity of this mysterious “Dark Fluid” into the core of the planet Meridia. This planed contained the largest super colony of Termanids. Destroying it was said to put an end to the plague of bugs. The mission was a success and in place of the planet we now have what Super Earth are referring to as a black hole, which is sucking in all of the Termanids but is that really what it is?

Science has some general ideas of what a black hole looks like and the reveal, a few years ago, was quite a famous one.

black hole

At this point, most players agree that what has opened up is not a black hole but a wormhole. I am no scientist but i think the difference is a wormhole allows for 2 way travel. Which means we have opened up a portal and dumped a load of hostile alien creatures that have been a plague to super earth for many years. Who ever is on the other side of this, is sure to be annoyed by it right?

To add to the hype and the speculation, I have continued on with my series of Helldivers 2 inspired music with the creation of a new song called “What Lies Beyond The Wormhole”. It is available now on YouTube and should be live on Spotify tomorrow.

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