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Awesome Minecraft House Ideas

One of the first things any gamer will do when they get started in Minecraft is to build a house. Whether you build a...
Forager Wallpaper


Sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to jump onto the Minecraft bandwagon. Endless streams of games based on an 8-bit sandbox world. It...
cinderbloom plant


You might find the odd Cinderbloom hidden away in the desert temple but this isn’t enough to keep you going. It sure won't be...
Forager Factory Items To Create


Another of the advanced components that might catch you by surprise when you are more familiar with dealing with Minecraft style elements. Fiberglass is...
lavender and nightbloom


Nightbloom is the evil cousin of lavender. It grows in the exact same way but in a different location. You will come across this...
lavender and nightbloom


The best friend of bees and a lovely smell, the uses for it in Forager differ slightly from the real world, but then again,...
Forager Factory Items To Create

Circuit Board

Your first encounter with this as a crafting requirement will likely be a bit of a weird one if you have not constructed the...
Forager Factory Items To Create


Plastic is probably going to be the first item in Forager that leaves you a little stumped. How is plastic made in the real...
Forager Wallpaper


Oil is a very precious resource in Forager as it is the source of almost all of the complex and high tier crafting components....
desert with jalapeno


Jalapenos are hot red peppers that require a hot climate to grow on earth. As you might expect, Jalapenos in Forager are also found...


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