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astroneer Laterite

Laterite is a resource that most people will never have heard of before and it will come as a surprise that it is used to produce aluminium.

You will find Laterite in the caves of all planets in the game, meaning you will always be able to create aluminium.

Where To Find Laterite

Laterite appears in caves. It is a metallic finish with blue, silver and red tints to it. It looks a bit like coins stacked up on top of each other in an uneven way. It usually appears in large enough batches in the caves and is quite common. Just make sure not to mine down or you could dig into a cave below.

It is not possible to use the soil centrifuge to produce laterite, even though it can be found on every planet. You can use the trade platform, however.

Structure Input Output
Trade Platform 1 Scrap 1 Laterite


What Planets Contain Laterite?

Laterite can be found on every planet in the game. It is fairly common in all of the underground caves. The table below will list the different planets of the game and give you the rarity of the resource on each one.

Planet Rarity
Sylva Common
Desolo Common
Glacio Common
Calidor Common
Atrox Not Found
Vesania Common


What is Laterite Used For?

Laterite is only used for the production of Aluminium. It is also a very common requirement for the Exo stash boxes. Placing one unit of laterite onto the input dock will unlock the crate, giving you access to the item inside. The table below will contain a full list of all structures and items that can be crafted using just this resource or a combination of others.

Creation Method Input Output Item/Structure
Smelting Furnace 1 Laterite 1 Aluminium
Exo Dynamics Research Aid 1 Laterite High-value research item
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