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Zinc is a refined resource in Astroneer. It is created from Sphalerite which is a fairly uncommon natural resource that is found in caves below ground. Zinc is used in the production of several devices involving power and electronic circuits.

The resource items for Zinc are very easily mixed up with Aluminium. They are the same shape and are very similar in colour. Without good lighting at your base, it is very easy to mix these up.

How Do You Get Zinc?

Zinc is a resource that is created by smelting Sphalerite in a smelting furnace. The ore is normally found in caves below the planet’s surface. It is not as common as other metals such as aluminium. Since it is mostly used for electronic items that you would not need to construct too often.

Smelting Furnace1 Sphalerite1 Zinc


What is Zinc Used For?

Zinc is used to create some electrical devices and tools that contain sensors or electrical circuits. The table below will show you a full list of all of the items that can be created using Zinc.

Creation MethodInputOutput Item/Structure
Backpack Printer1 ZincPower Cells
1 ZincWide Mod
1 ZincAlignment Mod
1 ZincInhibitor Mod
1 ZincBoost Mod
1 ZincNarrow Mod
1 ZincTerrain Analyzer
Small Printer1 Zinc, 1 LithiumMedium Battery
1 Zinc, 1 CopperPower Sensor
1 Zinc, 1 QuartzStorage Sensor
1 Zinc, 1 GraphiteBattery Sensor
1 ZincButton Repeater


What Does Zinc Look Like?

Zinc is a simple refined resource. Although it cant be found naturally on a planet, it is easy to make. When refined, Zinc looks like a light metal coloured block. In its raw, organic form it is called Sphalerite. This material looks like metallic gears stacked on top of each other. You can find it deeper below the surface of the planet. It is one of those annoying resources that you end up ignoring because you have too much of it and when you finally need some, you can’t find it anywhere.

how to get zinc
Zinc is a refined resource that is made from Sphalerite. This resource can be found deep beneath the planet and when refined using a furnace will produce a block of zinc.


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