Infinite Dragon Scales, Claws, Horns & Fang Glitch

infinite dragon scales

There are three elemental dragons that you will find flying around the land of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. Each of them, Dinraal, Farosh and Naydra will drop four main items based on their elemental power. Scales from the body, claws from the feet, horns from the head and fangs from the mouth.

The items dropped from these dragons are highly valuable and essential when it comes to upgrading the different armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom. Seeking out the dragons can be quite difficult and time-consuming which makes this glitch incredibly useful. The video guide will explain this glitch in better detail but I will also include a text guide below.

Infinite Dragon Item Glitch

To perform this glitch, you will need to have at least one item from the dragon that you need. For example, if you need scales, you will need at least one as we are going to be using a replication glitch that was used here to create infinite diamonds. This glitch will only work with version 1.1.1 of Tears of the Kingdom.

  1. Start by making sure the item you are looking to duplicate is at the end of your inventory. Do this by holding it and then dropping it.
  2. Pick it back up and it’s now the last item in your inventory.
  3. Find another item in your inventory that you have x1 of. It doesn’t matter what position it is in or what the item is.
  4. Find somewhere that you can jump off and open your glider.
  5. While in the air press + to open your item menu.
  6. Hold the item that you have x1 of and then hold the item that you want to duplicate.
  7. Press B to exit the menu and the items you were holding will drop on the ground
  8. pick the items back up and you will find they have been duplicated in your inventory and you now have created more of the items you previously had.
  9. Repeat this over and over to get up to 26 of the dragon claws, horns, fangs and scales without having to get them from the magical dragons.
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