Construct Factory Walkthrough

If you look over the vast landscape of Hyrule, you will likely spot a large storm to the south of the map. If you have completed the four main dungeons of the game, this sticks out even more. It is sure to pique the interest of the keen adventurer. Having found myself in this position, I decided to explore and ended up stumbling upon a quest called Guidance from Ages Past.

This guide will provide you with a walkthrough for the Guidance From ages past and help you get through the tricky puzzles that you will find in the Construct Factory, deep in the underworld of Hyrule.

Construct Factory Walkthrough

Repairing The Sage Construct

When you arrive at the Construct Factory, you will need to bring the mask down to what looks like an outline of some kind of Exoskeleton. You put the head into the frame and will be told that you need to find both of the arms and legs in order to repair the construct machine and give the Sage who has been speaking to, you a body.

There will be four different rooms around the area, lit up in the darkness with a green glow. You will need to go into each of these and bring back the piece of the Construct body in order to repair it. The video guide below will cover how to get through the often tricky puzzles that you will find in each of the rooms, including how to get to them in the first place.

How to Get Across The Lava Pit

The first major obstacle I hit was trying to get the leg piece across this large lava pit. I had the wheels needed to get across but the metal fence was getting in the way. It wasn’t possible to get the wheels under the metal, nor could we get them to work either side or could I?

The picture below will show you the design of the car-style machine you need to create in order to get past the lava pit with the metal fences.

getting the body piece across the lava

Getting The Piece Across The Electric Pole

You will find a place with some conveyor belts where the bridge across is broken. There will be a large electrical pole bridging the gap that will damage you if you stand on it, but it is possible to get the machine part back to the Construct Factory using this pole. You will need to make use of the wheels being at a bit of an angle to get this right. As with the solution above. The image below will show you the best way to position the vehicle to get the machine over to the other side.

getting across electrified bridge

The Sliding Rail In The Right-Leg Depot

This one was one of the most challenging puzzles in the game so far. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out just how you are supposed to get the right leg to stay on the rail and make it up to the platform above. I am definitely thinking that it is not possible and that the rail is there is nothing more than a distraction to throw you off.

attaching body piece to sliding rail

The solution I went with was to attach four fans to the block of the leg. You can get the fans from the nearby lifts. Make sure the fans are evenly balanced on each side of the box the leg is in. You can then use ascend to make your way to the exit area of the room. Shoot the little flying contraption you just built with an arrow and it should start to fly up into the air. Assuming you had it placed on a flat surface, it should rise up to where you are standing and you can use the ultrahand to grab it.

using fans to bypass

The Journey To The Spirit Temple

While the first part of the Guidance from Ages Past challenged you in terms of puzzles. The next stage of the quest will be to go to the Spirit Temple and this will test your combat skills, considerably. You will get to ride on the back of the Zonai Construct that you just crafted and it has some pretty cool abilities…all of which are incredibly underpowered. So much so that I found it far easier to just get off its back and fight the enemies on my own. At least you have a better chance of dodging attacks while playing as Link.

Note: The Zonai construct is able to walk on top of the gloom without you taking damage

the sage zonai construct

When you get to the Spirit Temple, you will need to take part in a rather challenging and frustrating boss battle. If you are like me and only have one single Zonai battery, well then you are gonna have a bad time! The Construct consumes an incredible amount of battery and using its attacks are the only way to damage the boss. You will be best off sticking with the laser cannon and blasting him back against the electrical wires. You are gonna need to make sure you have a good supply of Zonai charges and LOTs of food for healing because this guy hits hard!

Once the boss battle is over, you will be treated to some nice cut scenes fleshing out more of the story behind the 5th sage and what Gannon did in the past before the quest wraps up. Well done, you have completed Guidance From Ages Past and solved some rather difficult puzzles in the Construct Factory. You will now be able to summon this Zonai Construct like you can with the other sages to help you in battle.

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