Infinite Diamond Glitch - Unlimited Diamond Cheat

Infinite diamond glitch

Diamonds are a highly rare and valuable resource in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Found by harvesting gemstone ore in caves, Diamonds are the rarest drops from these and are highly useful. While they can be fused to weapons to make them highly powerful, they are best saved for trading. You can fetch a massive 500 rupees from a diamond making this glitch one of the best methods to farm Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

In order for this glitch to work, you will need to have version 1.1.1 of Tears of the Kingdom installed. This cheat does not work with the base version, you must have this update. Hopefully it is not patched too quickly.

I would highly suggest you watch the video guide above as it will clearly demonstrate how to perform the glitch to get unlimited Diamonds. If you want some steps with pictures, here is what you need to do.

  1. Make sure diamonds are the very last item in your inventory. To do this, you can hold all of the diamonds you have and drop them on the ground. When there are no more left, pick them back up.
    infinite diamond cheat
  2. When you pick the diamonds back up, you should find that they are now the final item in your inventory.
  3. Make sure you have another item in your inventory, does not matter what it is or what position in the list of items it is in. You just need to be sure that you have one single unit.
    find inventory item with x1
  4. Find an area that is not to high, but high enough for you to be able to glide. When you are gliding and are close to the ground (not critical for the glitch to work but so you do not lose items) press the + button to open the menu.
  5. From the menu, you need to first select the item that you have x1 of. Can be any item and then select as many diamonds as you can. If you haver 4 of more, select that many. If not, 1 diamond is enough for the glitch to work.
    cheat for infinite diamonds
  6. When you are holding all 5 items, simply press B and you will exit the menu, dropping the 5 items on the ground. Pick them all back up and you will see that you now have 4 bonus diamonds that you did not have before.
  7. Keep repeating this over and over to get unlimited diamonds.
  8. You must start selling the diamonds once you get to around 20 as they will start to vanish as you remove them from your inventory to get diamonds as the last item.
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