Did Two Ganondorfs Exist Simultaneously In BOTW

two ganondorfs

The Legend of Zelda series has spawned numerous theories and debates among its fans, with one contention point being the existence of two Ganondorfs simultaneously during the events of Breath of the Wild (BOTW) and Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). In this article, we will dive into the arguments surrounding this theory to shed more light on the topic.

Background: Ganondorf in Tears of the Kingdom

One proposition suggests that TOTK Ganondorf was sealed when the kingdom was established and remained trapped beneath Hyrule Castle until TOTK events unfolded. While this was happening, Ocarina of Time (OoT), Wind Waker (WW), and Twilight Princess (TP) Ganondorf were engaged in their respective endeavors.

While we can find ways to separate those games into their own parallel universes and such, we do have some confidence that TOTK took place after the events of Breath of the Wild. During the events of BOTW, where Ganon had Zelda trapped within Hyrule Caste, the same Ganon from TOTK should still have been trapped beneath the castle. It wasn’t until Link and Zelda explored beneath the castle that they uncovered his existence, reawakening him in the process.

Timeline Uncertainties

The timeline and continuity of The Legend of Zelda have been subject to multiple interpretations, reboots, and retcons. A theory of TOTK Ganondorf existing simultaneously with OoT/WW/TP Ganondorf may significantly depend on the timeline placement of TOTK in relation to other Zelda games.

A possibility is that TOTK could fit within the “era of prosperity,” which falls after Skyward Sword (SS) but before Minish Cap, based on the idea that Rauru’s “founding of Hyrule” could represent the establishment of current Hyrule history records, rather than literal founding.

Another potential perspective could place TOTK’s historical events after all other games, meaning that any records or accounts of Hyrule’s history prior to the founding of the kingdom could only be considered myths or legends.

The Temple of Time Conundrum

could two ganons be explained by the temple of time

Another point of contention is the Temple of Time’s state in TOTK. If the Temple of Time from OoT could still be standing throughout TOTK, it raises questions about the true passage of time between OoT and TOTK events. In this case, the theory of two simultaneous Ganondorfs would gain more traction, as the timeline would allow for such a possibility. If it’s a different Temple, the argument weakens.

The Infinite Ganon Theory

Another intriguing angle to consider is the apparent infinite existence of Ganons in various forms across The Legend of Zelda games. Believing in this theory could reinforce the possibility of simultaneous Ganondorfs, affirming that, regardless of timelines or events, Ganon can always exist in more than one form or place.

This would of course explain how there could have been a second Ganon imprisoned beneath Hyrule Castle during the events of Breath of the Wild. Since this would mean two separate Ganons and not one Ganon travelling back and fourth in time, it could add some credibility as to how space and time does not implode with both Ganons existing together and potentially interfering with each other’s timelines.


Ultimately, the question of two simultaneous Ganondorfs primarily boils down to the timeline placement of Tears of the Kingdom and the interpretation of Hyrule’s history. As debates and speculations continue among Zelda fans, episodes like these only serve to enrich our appreciation of the series and spark our imaginations.

While we may never reach a definitive answer, the discussions surrounding characters like Ganondorf, the intricacies of Hyrule’s history, and the mystery of the Temple of Time remain an engaging and fascinating aspect of The Legend of Zelda community. Feel free to share your thoughts on this and weigh in on whether two Ganons existed in Hyrule at the same time During Breath of the Wild.

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