Hateno Village Mayoral Election Quest Guide

Hateno Village Maoral Election

Hateno village is a scenic farming town that is filled with charm. The town has got a bit of an overhaul in Tears of the Kingdom now that the famous fashion designer Cece has returned. The traditional, rustic streets are now filled with vibrant colors from the canvas mushrooms that have appeared everywhere. Some people enjoy it and others do not. One person who is unhappy is the town’s mayor and this is what starts the chain of quests relating to the town’s Mayoral election.

The first side quest in relation to the Mayoral election will begin with you speaking with Cece in Hateno Village. She will express her unhappiness with how some people in the town do not like the fashion style she brings and suggests you help her out.

Team Cece or Team Reede Quest Guide

You will pick up this first quest related to the Hateno Mayoral election to get things started. You will get this after you visit Ceces clothing shop near the main road in Hateno village. It is marked on the map as the armor shop. You will find it directly across the road from the main shop. If you have just gotten to the area, you will find there are three women dressed in some very ugly mushroom-patterned clothes outside of her store trying to get inside.

cece shop location

Cece will ask you to give some mushrooms to the people in the village who are not strong supporters of her. She will give you a clue on where you need to go to get started, which should be the inn and you will have to find the rest around the village.

Who Do You Give The Mushrooms To?

The younger people of the town are strong supporters of Cece. You can tell someone is a Cece supporter already based on the hat. If they are wearing one of the mushroom hats, then you know they are part of Cece gang and there is no need to give them a mushroom.

You will need to look for farmers, elderly people and anyone not wearing one of Cece’s signature mushroom hats. When you speak to them, an option will appear allowing you to give them a mushroom. Generally, they will say something along the lines of how they prefer the simple life and the old ways and do not understand the craze.

If u are stuck and can’t find the remaining one or two people, speak with Cece and she will give you a clue as to who you have yet to speak to.

  • The couple at the inn, speak to the guy standing on the upper balcony.
  • For Medda, if he gives out to you when you talk to him about picking the tomatoes. Make sure you are standing away from the tomatoes when you speak to him to avoid this issue. This will open the prompt, allowing you to give him a mushroom.

Cece’s Secret Quest Guide

You will get this from Cece’s sister, Sophie outside of Ceces clothing shop after you first speak with Cece to obtain the quest “Team Cece or Team Reede”. Sophie will mention that she is sneaking out at night and has been unable to tail her to find out what she is doing. For the sake of the Mayoral election, she wants you to follow her at night time to make sure she isn’t doing anything that could damage her reputation.

You will need to wait outside the shop and you will see Cece leave at 10 pm (22:00). She doesn’t walk very far, which makes it odd that her sister couldn’t tail her. You should wait down the road a small bit and you will spot Cece leaving the house. Keep a distance by staying on the rooftops and out of site.

following cece at night

She will walk to a nearby condemned silo where the main door will be locked and you can’t get inside. You will see a small balcony to the upper right. Use ascend ability or climb up to it and there will be a small opening to peek through to find out what Cece is getting up to.

entrance to silo

Once you have completed this part, return to Sophie to complete the quest. Sophie will seem happy and there will be nothing more for you to do at the moment.

Reede’s Secret Quest Guide

You will pick this up from Clavia who can be found walking around Hateno village or in her home, on the outskirts of town. She will tell you that she is worried about Mayor Reede and that he has been locking himself into his shed for hours at a time and she does not know why. She has asked you to try and help her out. With him and Cece both sneaking away, you would wonder if there is something going on but it is all innocent.

When you get to his shed, marked on the map, you will not be able to get inside as the door will be locked. You need to find another way to get inside.

door to mayor reedes shed

If you look over the wall, to the field below, you will see there is a water well. There are several around the town, all linked to the same cave network. Go to the water well and jump down. Follow the cave in the direction of the quest marker on the map and when you are directly below the quest objective, use the ascend ability to travel up through the cave and you will find yourself inside the shed.

cave below shed

Once you read through the diary and found out what Mayor Reede has been up to, you can return to Clavia and tell her what you have found. This will complete this part of the quest.

A New Signature Food Quest Guide

You will get this from Mayor Reede in his home. This is the building on the hill to the left of the inn. If you have picked up the quest Reede’s secret, the shed marked from this quest is in the garden of his home. Go inside and speak with him and he will give you the quest.

Mayor Reed will speak of some new food but doesn’t remember what it was, just the smell might remind him. He was a child at the time and his father/grandfather were working on the idea but nothing ever came of it. He doesn’t give you any more information than this, so it is a bit of a dead lead but with a bit of digging around the town, you will figure it out.

What Food Is Mayor Reede Remembering?

There are a few steps involved in getting to the bottom of this one. It starts with you needing to visit the farm up the hill. It is directly above the mayor’s house. It is a large farm with lots of animals grazing in the field. There is also a large pond here with a big tree in the middle.  Head over to this pond and look for Koyin who is standing on the pier out the back of the farm near the grazing animals.

mayor food

A Letter to Koyin

You will pick up the quest “A letter to Koyin” when you speak to her standing at the pier. You will need to help her fetch the message in a bottle in the middle of the pond. It is not possible to swim out to get it and your Ultrahand ability does not allow you to reach out far enough in order to grab the bottle.

If you are standing on the pier, looking at the bottle, go to the bank on the right side of the pond and you will spot a large tree trunk on the ground. Using the Ultranhand, pick it up and throw it into the water and stand on it to use Ultranhand. This will give you the each the pick up the bottle and drop it back at the shore of the pond. You can then return it to Koyin.

message in a bottle

She will tell you to meet her at the farmhouse after she has had some time to figure out what the letter is all about. Go straight to the farmhouse and she will give you a block of cheese. This is the food that the Mayor was speaking about. Return to him and give him the cheese and the quest will be completed.

The Mayoral Election Side Activity

This quest should be picked up from Cece after completing the Team Cece or Team Reede Quest side quest. It is best to avoid doing this until you have completed all of the quests in this guide as the information that you discover from completing all of these will result in a nice outcome where everyone wins.

Once you start the quest, you will go through a lengthy cut scene where everyone makes friends and compliments each other and Cece will decide that the current mayor is a good guy and does have the town’s best interests at heart. The Mayor will agree that Cece has done a lot to make this town an attractive place for young people to live and everyone will be happy

mayoral election

When the scene is over, Cece will speak to you inside the shop and thank you for everything. She will give you the hat on the wall so you can look extra attractive when you are out and about. She will also reopen the armour store, allowing you to purchase two new suits of armour, if you want them.

And there we have it, you have completed the entire Mayoral election side quest in Hateno village and gotten yourself a fancy new hat for all of the fun. You should consider heading over to the school on the outskirts of Hateno village to pick up the Teaching Me a Lesson quest which will take you on another fun spree of adventures to do the things that this quest is asking you to do.

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