Goddess Statue of Wisdom Quest Guide

goddess statue of wisdom quest

You will find the Goddess Statue of Wisdom just over the cliff edge behind Mount Lanayru  Skyview tower. There will be a nice spring here and you will see a fire that will help guide you to the location. When you land, you will see a large stone statue, similar to those that you can pray at for health and stamina upgrades.

The Goddess statue will give you a quest which will ask you to check on the statue in the canyon. A quest marker will be added to the map which makes it easier to find the statue but not fully.

When you make it to the quest marker, you will find there is nothing there. That is because the quest marker is below ground. You are currently standing on top of the structure so you will need to make your way down under. To do this, you will need to walk to the end of the area and look for the entrance to the forgotten temple.

forgotten temple entrance
You will need to jump off the edge and you will find the entrance to the temple with the statue

Head inside the forgotten template and follow the main chamber until you find the fallen statue. It will be a huge statue so it is impossible to miss. It is worth activating the shrine while you are down here too.

Examine the statue and you will then get an update to the quest to return to the spring to speak with the statue.

fallen goddess statue

When you return to the Goddess of Wisdom, she will ask you to go and get one of Naydra’s claws and offer it back to her at the shrine. This guide will help you if you are unsure where to find Naydra but you will find the dragon passing by the spring around 3 pm. Land on the back of the dragon to get your bearings. Make your way to a leg and jump off. Aim the bow and it will slow down time. Aim at the claw and shoot it with an arrow to get a claw.

Once you have a claw, return to the statue. In order to offer the claw to the statue you need to make sure that you throw it in the water. If you have dropped the claw in front of the statue and nothing is happening, it is likely due to you not having dropped the claw in the water but on the stone slab instead. Pick the item back up and when you drop it into the water you will see it start to glow.

naydra claw

Speak with the statue again and the quest will now be complete. She will mention that there are other statues that you should go and search for. I will update once I have quest guides for these too.

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